Ubaid period plate with painted fish swiming around a swastika. .From the Hassuna/Samarra Period, 6500 BCE - 5500 BCE. Found in provenance unknown. Notice on this intelligently drawn plate fish are circling around a vortex of a swastika where birds are catching fish on the inside and at the same time are lizards trying to catch fish on the outside (crocodiles represented the military in the ancient past) plate picture
Ceramic production appeared in the ancient Near East towards the end of the 8th millenium BCE, and towards the 6th millenium BCE. Painted ceramics were common in southern mesopotamia, samarra culture, and in the Hassuna cultures up north of mesopotamia, showing the distribution of Halaf and early Ubaid cultures. Stylized animals such as the above birds and fish and swirling patterns in chocolate-brown are typical of the Samarran style. . NFOSource. Book " The Origins of Civililization: The Ancient Near East. Paris: Terrail, 1998, pg 34.
Caubet, Annie and Patrick Pouyssegur


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