(G) Sumerian statues of Males Praying .Left stute: Ebih-Il seated, alabaster, Mari, Early Dynastic III, c. 2500 BCE, h: 52.5 cm.; Right: man in standing prayer position, gypsum, Tell Asmar, Early Dynastic II, 2700-2600 BCE, h: 72 cm.On the left was an official of Mari in the Early Dynastic III period, c. 2500 BCE, A common practice of worshippers during the Early Dynastic period was to place votive statues in temples, thus erecting a personal representation in eternal prayer before the gods, and eliciting eternal favors. Ebih-Il . From the Early Dynastic - Southern Mesopotamian Period, 2900 BCE - 2350 BCE Found in Mari (Tell Hariri)

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Sumerian praying one looks Western and one looks Eastern.


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