Shepherd and fish deity God and priest king also know as a shit stirrer God with familiar rolled brimmed hat, hair bun and beard net holding a goat by the scruff of the neck and restraining its hind leg. Does the traingle shape of this Blu Monument top represent a mountain or pyramid. The restrain hold of the iconic goat back leg could represent to release conflict? which is the representation of the hidden below (Jewry) sumerian servant figure wearing nothing holding a support brace below his shepherd-fish priest king and shit stirrer God feet. British Museum BM86260. Blu Monument Chlorite (Greenschists) 'Mesopotania found in Warka Uruk. See similar deity fish-shepherd God and priest king on the Blau Monument


The Blu monument artifact on the right is the backside of the above showing 5 dots at the top at its pyramid which has a important religious ritual meaning since it is depicted on many Sumerian artifacts for hundreds or thousand of years above an important person in a religious ceremonial shown later in artifacts as six and seven dots which could represent Lord or God or Gods The other Blu monument stone on the left is of Sumerians with one standing in the middle holding up his fist in conflict. See the other side of the left Blu monument concerning Sumerians and their Deity fish-shepherd God and priest king on the Blau Monument British Museum BM86260.Chlorite (Greenschists)' Mesopotania found in Warka Uruk.


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