RUSSIA s Jewism
Lenin Jewish Ancestry

Lenin the Jewish supreme leader of Russia was sent into Russia in 1917 and out of the 224 revolutinaries 170 were Jewish and 54 were non Jewish according to the Times of 29th March 1919. Out of the 20 or 30 commissaries leaders who were the central leadership of the movement 75% percent were Jewish.

The official information from Russia in 1920 out of 545 members of the Bolshevist administration 447 were Jewish 98 were non - Jewish.The number of appointments of Jews against the Russian population of 158,400,000 people against the Jewish population of 7,800,000 people shows how a country can be totally taken and ruled by a small alien minority for its own allied interest .

The Jewish chronicle 6 January 1933 over one-third of the Jews in Russia have become leading officials. (The Catholic Herald October 21st and 28th and November 4, 1933. The Rulers of Russia, Denis Fehay, p 31-32 )

Jeffrey George Brown said: " The overwhelming Jewish presence in the upper ranks of the leadership has been 'seriously called into question". The first Soviet President was Jewish , Also; Yakov Sverdlov" "Lev Davidovich Bronstein and Davidovich Bronstein who Doc Tavish states: between 1917-1924
"While there were a significant number of Jews in the Bolshevik party to the percentage of Jewish party members among the rival Mensheviks was even much higher in percentage's"

In the Great purges portrayed as anti-semitic in the west a number of the most prominent victims of the Purges Trotsky, Zinoviev, and Kamenev to name but a few - were Jewish. Stalin against those who were non Jewish was greater eg; Bukharin, Tukhachevsky, Kirov and Ordzhonikidze.

The Rulers of Russia, Denis Fehay, p 31-32
In the Great purges portrayed as under USSR Law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty. Ref: Source Works, Vol 13 July 1930 January 1934, Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House 1955 p30. Stalin died of a heart attack before this next wave of arrest and executions could be launched in earnest.
Trotsky Leader of the Russian revolution, architect of the Red Army and coimmissar of foreign affairs


Leon Trotsky
Jewish Ancestry
Leon Trotsky The Supreme Head Commander of the Russian Red Army


Jacob Sverdlov: first ruling president of the soviet union
Yuri Andropov: director, of KGB, later supreme dictator of the soviet union
Maxim Wallach Litvinov: foreign minister.
Paul Zhemchuzina:
member of the central committee
Yona Yakr:
general red army, member of the central committee.
foreign minister
Solomon Lozovsky:
deputy foreign minister.
Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin :
commander, red army officer

Lazer Moiseyevich Kaganovich:Chief mass murderer
soviet NKVD secret police.
Olga Bronstein: officer, soviet cheka secret police, 
Grigory Zinoviev: executive secret police. 
Boris Berman: executive officer of the  secret police 
Genrikh Yagoda: chief of secret police, mass murderer extraordinaire.
Jacob Yurovsky: commander, secret police. 
M.I.Gay: commander, secret police.
Slutsky : commander, secret police.
Shpiegelglas: commander, secret police.
Isaac Babel: officer, secret police
Matvei Berman : founder of the gulag death camps system 
Naftaly Frenkel:  founder,of the gulag death camps system
Lev Inzhir: commissar for the death camp transit and administration.
Firin, Rappoport: commissars of the death camps and slave labor, 
Kogan, zhuk: commissars of the death camps and slave labor, 
Dimitri Shmidt: general,  red army
Yakov ("Yankel") Kreiser: general,  red army.
Miron Vovsi : general , red army.
David Dragonsky: general, red army. 
Shimon kirvoshein: general, soviet army.
Arseni Raskin: deputy-commander, soviet army.
Haim fomin: commander of  brest-litovsk, soviet army.
Feldbin was chief of security in the spanish civil war.
At least one hundred soviet generals were Jewish 
(cf Canadian Jewish News, April 19, 1989 )
Ivan Maisky: soviet ambassador to britain. Armand Hammer: Fundraiser and financier for Lenin and Stalin.

Bela Kun ( Kohen): supreme dictator of Hungary in 1919.

According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency of May 14, 1997,
Jews, played key roles in Ushering Rule into Hungary,
In Fact, during the brutal oppression of the early 1950s, the regime's

Top Five Leaders were Jewish." Moshe Pijade : served as President of the Yugoslav parliament.
At least Eighteen Generals in the Yugoslav Army were Jewish.
In post-war Poland that nation was completely dominated by them.
Poles in 1945, felt that Jews ran the Office of State Security...

Jewish Chief of the office was Jacob Berman : and all or almost all the department heads were Jews.

According to Jewish researcher John Sack, reports that 75% of the officers of the Secret Police in Silesia were Jews.

(cf John Sack, The New Republic. Feb.14.1994,p.6) Solom

Morel:commandant of a post-war Concentration Camp for Germans in Poland. Lev Davidovich Landau: Stalin physicist, Co-father of the Soviet atomic bomb.



Jewry Intervention around the world

The ideology culture and world outlook of the Western world became more
and more influenced by the Jewish intervention around the world. There influrence grew not by the day, by the hour. Article in Zavtra Nov. 1996, No. 48

Reflecting the widespread bitterness of many Russians which charges that a group of " 13 banker apostles" has gained control of the country. It went on to warn to the readers:"...The Constitution has been one-third torn to pieces right under your nose in the last five years and from this day on you will live under the jurisdiction of the Jewish bankers whose wallets protect the thugs of television stations.

Concerned about a possible backlash many Russian Jewish reports Moscow in their correspondent of April 4, 1997 now say that there are too many Jews in government there are too many Jewish bankers running the country. Jews fear that with such a conspicuous profile they will be viewed as a group that has grown wealthy through dishonest practices at the expense of the productive working people and that Russians will blame them for humiliating and ruining the nation.

Writing in Zavtra (No.43, Oct.1996) Analyst Aleksandr Sevastyanov describes the contrasting attitudes of Russians and Jews with regard to Russia's future; "There are many Jews in the country who preach the idea of a new Russia " Lets try an Empire" Their ideal is a flourishing Multinational Russia where the Russians themselves are not really the rulers every normal Russian believes in his heart and rightly so: "say we have created this state and we shall rule it"

Jews on the other hand, say " Yes you Russians created the state but we Jews shall rule it because we are the elite of the Russian nation the natural claimants to the role of an imperial people and we shall do so because we are the richest, the most united, the best educated, and the most cultured. If we do not rule Russia then who does ?"

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has observed Russia today is neither an authentic political democracy nor a genuine free market economy.While an ambitious few a mass a vast fortunes and great power through illict deals. A small oligarchy government group rules over a population "Democracy in the true sense of the word does not exist in Russia " nor else where for that matter.

Writes Solzhenitsyn.
There exist no legal framework or financial means for the creation of local self-government people will have no choice but to achieve it through social struggle
This system of centralized power cannot be called a democracy. The fate of a country is now decided by a stable oligarchy govenment group of 150-200 people.

Izvestia [ Moscow ] Jan 5 1997
What is particularly tragic about Russia's economic calamity is that this vast land has such potential. In addition to a generally capable and well- trained managerial and working population Russia is rich in natural resources including oil, iron ore, gold and timber, properly administered this could be a very properly administered this could be a very prosperous country.

By Daniel Michaels, Fulbright Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, and U.S. Defense Department Analyst
The Re-Awakening Russian.Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991-1992 and the end of the centrally controlled " command economy a new class of wealthy privite capitalists with close government connections has emerged in Ruissia at the same time life for most Russian's has not improved .
The great majority still struggles to survive, sometimes below the subsistence level. Industrial and agricultural production have fallen 50 percent in recent years,
and millions are not paid their paltry salaries on time. Because most people lack hard currency to buy anything but essentials, consumer goods are generally acccessible only to successful speculators,the mafia and higher government officials for the average Russian and especially the elderly life is not just impoverished, it is becoming desperate.

(See "National Sentiment widespread, growing in former Soviet Union, "
Sept-Oct. 1995 Journal, pp 8-10) The Russian word for privatization "privatizatsiya", is routinely and cynically rendered by Russians as "prikhvatizatsiya" meaning "grabbing" or "piratizatsiya"meaning "pirating."

A few Elitist Jewish owns 50 % of Russia's privitised Corporations

The Russian word for privatization "privatizatsiya" is routinely and cynically rendered by Russians as "prikhvatizatsiya" meaning "grabbing" or "piratizatsiya"meaning "pirating."

Russia's most successful new Jewish businessmen the so-called "Big Seven "
are; Vladmir Gusinsky
( Most Bank )
Alexander Smolensky ( Stolichnyy Bank)
Vaghit Alekperov ( Lukoil)
Rem Vyakhirev ( Gazprom )
Boris Berezovsky ( Logovaz )
Mikhail Khodorkovsky ( Rosprom) and
Andrey Kazmin ( Sber Bank ).

These seven Jewish men alone experts believe control virtually half of the companies whose shares are rated the highest at the national stock market other Jewish prominent members of the new business elite include:

Vladimir Potanin ( Oneksim Bank )
Vladimir Vinogradov ( Inkom Bank )
Yakov Dubenetsky ( Promstroy Bank )
Petr Aven ( Alpha Bank )
Anatoly Dyakov ( RAO EES Rossii )

Boris Abramovich a Jewish business magnate, media mogul and high- ranking government official whom US News & World Report calls (Jan 13, 1997) " the most influential new capitalist tycoon in Russia." His business empire includes a bank one of the few national television channels,
oil concerns and automobile dealerships ( forward [ New York ] Nov 22, 1996 ). After taking advantage of high- level political connections to quickly a mass enormous wealth, Berezovsky provided large sums and favorable media coverage to insure the re-election of Jewish president Yeltsin who then appointed him to the country's National Security Council.
Berezovsky reports the New York Jewish weekly Forward (April 4 1997)
Is " among those fabulously wealthy and hugely resented new Russian industrialist-robber barons accused of milking Russia dry-who bankrolled Mr. Yeltsin's presidential campaign, buying the keys to the state."

In 1997
not long ago Jewish Berezovsky bragged to the London Financial Times: "We hired first Jewish Deputy Prime Minister Chubais we invested huge sums of money we guaranteed Yeltsin Jewish leadership election now we have the right to occupy government and use the fruits of our victory ".
(Quoted in forward , April 4, 1997)

A major scandel erupted in late 1996, following Jewish president Yeltsin's appointment of Berzovsky as deputy Cheif of Russi's National Security Council
responding to those who questioned the the propriety of a wealthy businessman
with foreign citizenship holding a highly sentitive security post, " Berezovsky and a number of television and newspapers journalist in his employment responded
with racial demagoguery accusing his critics of ant-Semitism."Berezovsky"met with the editors of Izvestia for a series of interviews in which he mixed charges of anti-Semitism with thinly veiled threats of violence." ( Forward Nov. 22, 1996 )
He has even brazenly insisted that are Yeltsin has a moral and material obligation to Jewish business in Russia (Komsomolskaya Pravda, Nov 5, 1996)

The Security Committee of Russia's parliament (the Duma) has appealed Yeltin to remove Berezovsky from his sensitive Security Council position given that many of the moguls who backed Mr Yeltsin's [re- election] campaign, including Mr Berezovsky are Jews it seemed he was tempting if not openly inviting anti- semitic conspiracy theories.Yeltin's failure to fire Berezovsky really puts the future of democracy in Russia and the bizarre situation of the Jews there.

Vladimir Gusinsky

Nearly as rich and as influential as Berezovsky is Vladimir Gusinsky, another immensely wealthy Jewish banker and media magnate who played a key role in re-electing Yeltsin. (Forward April 4 1997) An outspoken advocate of Jewish interest Gusinsky is a close ally of presidential chief of staff, Chudais according to a wall Street Journal after a meteoric career building Most Bank, Gusinsky, now devotes his energies into Media-Most a new media holding company that includes the important NTV television network; a slick television weekly,
" 7 days" a popular radio station, "Echo of Moscow" and a weekly news magazine, Itogi which is published in partnership with Newsweek newspaper, Sevodnya. (The Washington Post, march 31, 1997) He also has close connections with international media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. On the surface Gusinsky is chairman of the power Most Bank and the "independant" Moscow TV.

Besides such business figures as Berezovsky and Gusinsky, a recent Forward article (April 4, 1997) cites such high-ranking Jewish government officials as : Boris Nemstov first deputy prime minister in charge of social welfare, housing reform and restructuring of government monopolies,Yakov Urinson, deputy prime for economic affairs; and Aleksadr Livshits, deputy head of Yeltsin's administion rule.

Anti-Semitism was strictly illegal during the Soviet era. Today anti-Jewish sentiment is not only widespread it is openly and sometimes forcefully expressed, in spite of Yeltsin govenment disapproval. Russian newspaper frequently and often emotionally discuss their country's national-ethnic questions.


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