Detail of Stela of the vultures of Eannatum, ensi of Lagash c. 2450 BCE; limestone, from Telloh (ancient Girsu), ht. 1.80 m; w. 1.30 m.
From the Early Dynastic - Southern Mesopotamian Period, 2900 BCE - 2350 BCE Found in Telloh
Detail of obverse. Ningirsu, seen with a long, wavy beard, uses a mace (traditional symbol of power and kingship) to smite one of the many nude captives in a net. The god holds the net shut in his left hand as the Anzu bird (symbol of Ningirsu) emerges at top. Text written in Sumerian fills the negative space, describing historical events related to the border dispute between Lagash and Umma, and introducing Eannatum, ruler of Lagash. After the Battle is Over .
Source Berkley Education :Art and Archictecture of the Near East .......
Page location Southern Mesopotamia Early Dynastic, 2900 BCE to 2350 BCE: After the battle is over