Prehistoric cave painting Lascaux france 20,000 BCE showing cows, horses and symbols. The symbol above the horse's mane is like an inverted Kings crown which can have many meanings like in the old European rune stones and ancient trade glyph meaning e.g. Antelope looking like the four legs of an animal depicting the rectangle body with meaning of contents, ownership, trade, land, trap and also looking like the 4 fingers of alien hand.

The twig symbol next to the horse could mean movable wealth. (See below ancient runes stones) and similar to Sumerian twig signs : NFOSource Sumerian writing. It's similar to a Serekh in egyptian hieroglyphs. The egyptian Serekh is a rectangular enclosure of a gated facade of the
Kings Palace and its elevation is surmounted by the bird worrier. The horus eagle with the "All Seeing Eye". The rectangle top space inside the Serekh would indicate the Kings name.
Official French Video NFO Source Lascaux Cave viste de la grotte See Lascaux cave floor plan map Lascaux cave




Lascaux cave 20,000 BCE symbol similarities with right egyptian Serekh. Notice in the right Serekh the space above was empty for the name of the king with the elevation lines. Earliest Serekhs were kept empty because the symbol alone relayed the necessary message of POWER of the chosen 1. The above left Lascaux cave symbol has a 1 in the rectangle space and right egyptian Serekh is empty for the name of a king. Both put together here making the number 10 like modern day uk's Number 10 Downing St of the elected heads residence. Also note in the left Lascaux cave image the 1 in the rectangle space could look like a religious cross.
These early Serekhs were dominated by the Egyptian eagle bird worrier god called Horus with the "All Seeing Eye"




Lascaux cave twig symbol 20,000 BCE has similarities to the right rune stone of early European writing. The Lascaux cave twig symbol could mean: Capture, surround, hasten, hurry, quickly and collect regarding Sumerian's writing meaning. The symbol meaning in ancient runes stones means cattle, wealth in particular movable wealth and more responsibility is required on the part of the possessor. NFOSource .


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