Similarities of strange head shape and almond eyes, the head were clothed with long bitumen headress as seen in far right image of female holding child. The below middle figure is from northern mesopotamia and the other two figures from southern mesopotamia, west of Ur, Ubaid period before the sumerian civilization





Strange humanoid anthromorphic
figurine with head similarities to right figure having almond eyes, turned up nostrils and head recess for bitumen head dress. Southern Iraque Ubaid period
5000 BCE - 4000 BCE

The head of the statue are curiously shaped. The top of the head is recessed from the face. These features suggest that the head were originally covered with a wig cloth or bitumen head dress. Ain Ghazal Jordan
around 6,500 BCE. Statue no 2 Plaster and bitumen. NFO Source



Female lizard figurine terracotta, with bitumen head dress. British Museum

Ur, Ubaid culture, first half of the fourth millennium BCE, h: 14cm From the Ubaid - Southern Iraque
Mesopotamian Period, 5000 BCE - 4000 BCE Found in Ur, NFO Source


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