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Hitler's Jewish Ancestry Exposed in the Warburg document
The Warburg Manuscript was published and a immediate drive underway to put into effect a ban of the book

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What the Germans done to the Jews
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What have the Jews done to the Germans

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1923: Out of 161 banks in Berlin 150 are Jewish-owened.

The International Jewish Banks in New York cause the German Reichsmark to crash bankrupting the country within weeks. In 1924 out of revenge for non-payment the International Jewish Bankers the German currency (Reichsmark)
which is tied into the International exchange rate plunges into a dive within months the Reichasmark is worthless. Unable to feed their families or pay rents, million of Germans are forced to sell all they own.The altered exchange rates means that $1 US dollar is worth many TRILLIONS of Reichamark.
For only a few dollars Jewish-American Investors brought German businesses, Industries, homes, lands, art works and Jewish Investors become incredibly rich.
By the end of the year the German govt manages to create a new currency and the madness is halted millions of Germans have lost everything they own and many tens of thousanda have starved to death The Germans still do nothing against these speculators just the opposite many of the Jews gain high political and respectable position in Germany Society.

An international boycott of German goods was undertaken, which was especially effective in some areas since the retail trade in many countries was and is in Jewish hands to a considerable extent. Reference:, The Iron Curtain over America, pp62 ff.Historische Tatsachen Nr.10 pp18 ff.

Jewish influence and material wealth was so great during the time of the Weimar Republic that some Germans referred to it as the "Judenrepublik" (Jewish Republic) although Jews comprised only about 1% of its population to mention only one small example over 30% of the faculty of the university of Berlin was Jewish in 1932. Reference: Walther,Geopolitik im Kartendild/Die Juden, Heidelberg 1940.
Contains maps and statistical diagrams on the history of the Jews in Germany.

By the time the German states were united into the second empire in 1871, Jews had long been emancipated in them and had acquired the civil rights of other German citizens during the rising prosperity of the newly founded empire (" Grunderzeit") They became quite prosperous and entered the learned professions in large numbers held high positions in both the Imperial and Weimar governments.
(Walther Rathenau 1867-1922)

They owned over half the house property in Budapest and a quarter of the Eastern European Lands
Between the two World Wars the Jews represented about 6% of the population of Hungary which had undergone a hyper-inflation after World War I during which Jews with their international financial connections had been able to buy a great deal of assets from their impoverished host populations. Reference: Marschalko, The World Conquerors, p121.

As early as 1922 Hungary had Laws to keep it's universities and professions from having a gross over representation of Jews. Legal measures and popular movements also opposed Jewish influences in Poland and Romania in paticular.

Winston Churchill write's about the position of the Jews in Communist Russia in 1920 In an article published in the illustrated Sunday Herald, London on 8 february 1920, Churchill vividly summarized Jewish power in postrevolutionary Russia by saying that the "Jews had gripped the russian people by the hair of heads
and have become pratically the undisputed masters of the enormous Empire
He continued with the assertion that Jews had played a great role in the creation of Bolshevism and bringing about of the " Russian" Revolution.
Reference: WG Simpson, Which Way Western Man? 1978, p663.

Hitler's Jewish Ancestry Exposed in the Warburg document
The Warburg Manuscript was published, and a immediate drive underway to put into effect a ban of the book by the international Jerwy and the German Secret Police.
m any publishers out of fear recalled as many copies as they could. The only mention of this book in America appeared in a short item in the New York Times, November 24, 1933, page 14, column 2,

International Jewish and Nazis sources sought to suppress the report.

The Swiss magazine Der Sperber published an account of this manuscript in 1936,
in Zurich, which carried a detailed report of the facts contained in this outlawed book. It also circulated a book titled Spanischer Sommer
which showed how the International Jews and bankers had paved Hitler into power.

In 1933 Hitler expended a tremendous amount of money concentration camps were first made to keep the ordinary german people who disaproved of this new German regime and the International Jewry leaders used it to keep the Lesser Jews in fear of their lives and in line.

Millions Jews died in the concentraction camps and millions of allied soldiers, civilians men, women and children died also world wide.
6 million Jews killed is alot of people since according to World War II casual list, that would be the total population of Finland and Ireland put together or 12 times the losses of all the British and French soldiers out in the front lines being killed, which brings to question to the Jewish real loses in the concentration camps, since many Jews were liberated from the concentration camps by the British and American forces after the war.

Also could the size of concentration camps house 6 milion people the size of some countries entire populations and cater for them with amenities and food? burning millions of corpses to get rid of the bodies is not too easy, case being in the UK with farmers trying to get rid of thousands dead cattle from foot and mouth desease found that burning cow corpses burnt for weeks or months due to the fats in corpses, If UK farmers could not practically burn for example a hundred stacked up cow corpses, how could the german concentration camps guards practically burn 6 millions human corpses, with the time, energy and man power needed? just counting to 6 million would sound impossible.

The link below gives you some idea of the scale of 6 million people because its more than alot of countries entire population.

World War II casualties

Biological synthetic human and alien puppeteers pulled the strings of This Chosen
Elevated Birdhead Pet and human Wor ld Blood Drink.

It was with Hitler's knowledge and consent which gave Russia 70,000 square miles of Polish territory without a fight By 1940 the little countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were safely in there hands then Rumania, Northern Bukovania, and portions of Bessarabia fell .

Jews also served in the Nazi Police and Security Forces as Ghetto Police and Concentration Camp Guards .

Sources: William D. Montalbano, "The Jews in Hitler's Military," Los Angeles Times, December 24, 1996;
Tom Tugend, "Graduate student uncovers Jews who fought for Adolf Hitler," Jewish Telegraph Agency Lenni Brenner, "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators."

"The full Jews" served in the German Military with Adolf Hitler's.

Cambridge University researcher Bryan Rigg has traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 of Hitler's soldiers, including two field Marshals and fifteen General, two full Generals, eight Lieutenant Generals,
five Major Generals," Men Commanding up to 100,000 Troops." In approximately 20 cases Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded German's Highest Military Honor, The Knight's Cross. One of these Jewish veterans is today an 82 year old resident of Northern Germany an observant Jew who served as a captain and practiced his religion within the Wehrmacht throughout the war. One of the Jewish field Marshals was Erhard Milch, deputy to Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goring.
Rumors of Mitch's Jewish identity circulated widely in Germany in the 1930s.
Goring when met with protests about having a Jew in the Nazi High Command,
Goring replied "In I decide who is a Jew and who is Not "

Jews also served in the Nazi police and security forces as ghetto police and concentration camp guards. Sources: William D. Montalbano, "The Jews in Hitler's Military," Los Angeles Times, December 24, 1996.
Tom Tugend, "Graduate student uncovers Jews who fought for Adolf Hitler," Jewish Telegraph Agency Lenni Brenner, "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators." Hitler's Rise To Power.

The well known and reputable Dutch publishing company of Van Holkema and Warendorf, Published a book between Hitler and the International Jewish financier.

Hitlers Jewish Financeirs;
Sidney Warburg, of the New York firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Co..
The Bank of Mendelssohn and Co. International Bankers in New York, Montagne,
Norman, Rockefeller, Carter and McDean,

Hitler began his rise to power in 1919 but he had a long and stormy road ahead,
Until In 1933. through the help of very powerful and wealthy Jews. Some of these Jews used the excuse that they financed Hitler so that they could control him but it is a known fact that they made billions of dollars profit by financing both sides in World War l l just as they did in World War 1. Most of the men who knew about these transactions met with untimely deaths. One of the most prominent of these was Dollfuss, Chancellor of Austria. Fritz Thyseen, writing in a book titled I Paid Hitler! said the reason the Chancellor was killed was that he had
received a copy of the Warburg document and one exposing Hitler's Jewish Ancestry.
"Before world war ll, In Germany Berlin, 50.2% of the lawyers were Jews...and 48% were doctors .

The Jews owned the largest and most important Berlin newspapers, and made great inroads on the educational system."
( Ref: The House That Hitler Built, by Stephen Roberts, 1937)

Jewish Community Today
At the moment an increasing number of Russian Jews are emigrating to Germany
The fastest-growing Jewish community in the world is in Germany,especially in its capital Berlin some tens of thousands of Jews from the former Eastern Bloc
have settled in Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The experiences during the Nazi era a cosmopolitan and anti-nationalist post-war education and the political movement of the Sixties have created an atmosphere of tolerance in Germany
which is still missing in many post-communist states.


by Harold Thomas

It has been well documented that the munitions factories on BOTH sides of World War II were either owned outright or financed by the same families. Weapons factories in Germany were routinely avoided in bombing raids. Whoever was "calling the shots" seemed to prefer to bomb the worker housing and other civilian targets. In case it hasn't occurred to you, these families who owned the munitions factories also happen to own the private corporation called the Federal Reserve which is winding up with all your tax money.

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