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On September 1967, in Alamosa County, Colorado, a young colt called Lady was found dead and stripped from the neck upwards. Conducting the pathology examination, Dr John Altshuler; was astonished to find that the animal's brain, spine and organs in the chest area, including the heart, had been removed with incredible precision. What baffled him most was that the animal had been completely drained of blood without so much as a stain on or around the body.

When Dr Altshuler later examined tissue samples under a microscope, he was shocked to discover that 'there was a darkened colour as if the flesh had been opened and cauterized [burned apart by high heat] with a surgical cauterizing blade ... almost as if it had been done with a modern day laser.' Although lasers had been constructed in the early 1960s, there was still no surgical laser technology capable of causing such wounds in 1967. Another mystery was the absence of tracks - vehicular, human or animal - anywhere near the carcass. In fact, the only prints found were the colt's hoofprints, and these ended about 30 metres from its body.

A spate of mutilations.

The 'Lady' incident heralded the beginning of animal mutilations in Colorado and, later that year, in Pennsylvania. These were followed by a wave of mutilations in the Midwestern states of Alabama, Iowa and Texas, a further outbreak in Colorado in the early 1980s and another in the Deep South in the early 1990s. In between, isolated cases have occured - and continue to do so - with similar reports coming from Canada, Central and South America, Australia and parts of Europe, including Britain.

The vast majority of these cases have followed a remarkably similar pattern :

Most mutilations involve cattle, although horses, sheep, goats, even domestic pets, have occasionally been victims. More scary though, odd cases of humans too.

There are no traces of a struggle. Even in snow-covered ground, there are no tracks or footprints near the carcass. It appears as if the animals are somehow lifted off the ground and later dumped from the air.

The internal organs, eyes, ears, tongues, rectums and genitalia are frequently removed, along with flesh from the jaw.

Oval or circular bloodless incisions - often only hide deep - are found on the carcasses, many of which are completely drained of blood. These incisions are made with surgical precision.

More recent microscopic tissue analysis has shown that some of the cuts point to the use of a scalpel, while others appear to have been made without a knife, either some how cutting between the cells, or by 'cooking' the flesh, (gross) with a laser-like heat source, but without leaving the carbon traces normally left by lasers.

Possible causes?

From the very beginning, this phenomenon has baffled investigators and pathologists alike. Many experienced ranchers and sheriffs who have been handling cattle mutilations for decades are convinced that these particular cases could not possibly be the work of indigenous predators, such as coyotes, wolves or
mountain lions.

In some of the cases in Alabama investigated by UFO researcher and documentary-maker Linda Howe in 1993, the mutilated animals' capillary veins had been drained of blood, which would not have occurred had the livestock been attacked by predators. Besides, what predator could be capable of surgically boring out the genitalia of a cow?

As successive investigations failed to establish any natural causes, other theories were put forward. One of these was that satanic cults were abducting the animals for ritual ceremonies, although nobody could explain what kind of devil worship involved the use of fleets of helicopters and bulky medical lasers. In any case, echaustive undercover by US and Canadian state authorities have failed to reveal any trace of a link between occult activity and these mutilations.

Another theory was fuelled by reports of mysterious, low-flying black helicopters - often silent and bearing none of the identification numbers required by US federal regulations - appearing in the area either immediately before or after the discovery of a mutilated carcass. On a number of occasions, the helicopters were seen to be spraying the area where mutilated animals were later found, giving rise to speculation that livestock was being used - presumably by government agencies, for testing biological and chemical weapons.

The mystery was further complicated by reports from civilians who photographed these helicopters, alleging that they had been threatened by men wearing black uniforms without insignias ... Men In Black??

Official Explanations ...

Over the years, the US military and government agencies have repeatedly denied any involvement in these strange incidents. In fact, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has gone so far as to deny the very existance of these strange helicopters.

As far as the mutilations are concerned, the official explanation has always been the same - natural causes. Bowing to public pressure, the FBI investigated the phenomenon in 1979. Its findings, delivered in a 297-page report, were published a year later and sided with those who believed the mutilations were the work of animal predators. Yeah ... right. Another argument, supported by official government autopsies, was that the lack of blood was consistent with the length of time the dead animals had been left undisturbed and that the cause of death could be linked to parasites. Hmm, parasites steal organs using a laser tool and steal an animals rectum? Doesn't quite add up does it ........

These explanations outraged ranchers and state investigators, who complained of a whitewash. Dassatisfied with the response from the US government, desperate ranchers formed private vigilante groups and took to firing at any low-flying helicopters crossing their fields.

Alien Connection?

Although the FBI has been reluctant to become openly involved, UFO author Timothy Good obtained a secret 1976 FBI report by Officer Gabriel Valdez of the New Mexico state police. After inspecting a multilated cow, the officer discovered pod marks depressed into the earth, forming a triangle (Black triangle craft?). Each indentation had a diameter of 40cm and strongly suggested that a 'suspected aircraft' had landed, followed the cow and landed again where the cow was killed. An oily yellow substance was found under the small tripods, the grass around them was scortched and radiation levels were found to be much higher than normal. To some ranchers and local investigators, this was confirmation of what they had long suspected - that, as Lou Girodo, chief investigator of mutilations for the District Attorney's office in Trinidad, Colorado, put itm "We were dealing with creatures not from this planet".

UFO Activity.

Lady's death, in September 1967, had coincided with a minor rash of UFO sightings and reports of strange lights in the San Louis Valley, he area where the colt's mutilated carcass was found. Each subsequent wave of mutilations was also accompanied by a fresh outbreak of UFO sightings in the affected area. This led some UFOlogists to speculate that there was a connection between the helicopter and UFO sightings - perhaps the UFOs could 'disguise' themselves as helicopters?

Another curious feature, althought his may not be connected with UFOs, was the presence of fluorescent paint, visible only under ultraviolet light, on the hides of some of the animal victims found near Dulce, New Mexico. (Chemical experiments at the base?) In another case, a putty-like substance was found in a mutilated cow's ribcage. Analysis showed the substance to have a composition similar to paint, but researchers are still baffled as to how it got 'into' the ribcage.

In her 1989 documentary, 'Alien Life Forms', Linda Howe interviewed members of farming communities who claimed to have witnessed alien beings engaged in the abduction of animals. Perhaps the most remarkable account came from Ron and Paula Watson from Mount Vernon, Missouri. In July 1993, while standing on their porch, the Watsons claimed to notice some strange goings on at the far end of their pasture.


Tony Dodd, a former police sergeant turned UFO researcher, has amassed a large number of mutilation reports in Britain. Many of his cases show much that same hallmarks as those reported in the US and other countries - bloodless wounds; the 'surgical removal' of organs, eyes and tongues; the rectum 'cored out' and the jawbone stripped of flesh. Since the early 1990s, Dodd claims, incidents of mutilation have involved wild animals such as foxes, deer, badgers, seals and wild birds as well as livestock. A part of his enquiries, Dodd wrote to the National Veterinary College and the National Farmers Union asking for information on animal mutilations. Both organizations replied that they were unaware of any cases of this nature. Despite this denial, there are frequent reports from veterinary surgeons who have examined sheep found dead with their organs missing. The animals'

bodies were also completely drained of blood and, even more puzzling, a small hole had been bored into the top of their heads.

"...That documentary you did about cattle mutilations upset some people in Washington. They don't want mutilations and UFOs connected together..." [ Special Agent Richard Doty, USAF, to Linda Howe.]

Natural predators, such as bears, leave messy wounds when eating their kills. Some researchers claim that carcasses with clean precise wounds are proof of alien involvement.

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