Uxmal: House of the Birds

Feb. 15, 1997

Between the Pyramid of the Magician and the Nunnery is a closed courtyard which once formed the western approach to the Pyramid of the Magician in its later stages. Pollock believes that this court and its surrounding buildings were originally built as a low quadrangle, of which the relatively early Temple 1 of the House of the Magician formed the east side. This suggests a common date for both the House of the Birds and Temple I. A radiocarbon date of A.D.570 has been obtained from samples of a wooden lintel on Temple 1.

In this photograph, the House of the Birds is to the extreme left of the archway, while an altar and a figure in an hieroglyphic niche were discovered in the room to the right of the arch. This complex of buildings has only been recently reconstructed.

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