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NASA - Click photo for
enlargement ( MGS MO4-00291 )
The Martian Tubes ( MGS MO4-00291 )
These are, without a doubt, the most fascinating objects yet photographed on the surface of Mars.

The image was discovered in June, 2000 among the many images posted at the Malin Space Science Systems website, which has tens of thousands of Mars pictures available for online viewing and examination.

Note their general uniformity and the uniform spacing of the bands or ridges. Note how one structure here clearly attaches to another and note the shiny round terminating end at the junction point clearly defining it as a constructed hard object as opposed to a natural geological formation of some kind. Note how at least one or more bands/ridges span around both structures tying them together at the junction point clearly demonstrating construction technique. Note the apparent translucent composition of these structures and how entirely alien they clearly are to the geology and topography they are embedded in. There can be no question that these are constructs of some kind. But, made by what or who and for what purpose?"

These are just some of the anomalous features of our closest neighbor planet. And as we continue to receive more data and pictures from Mars (the Mars Odyssey orbiting probe is set to launch on April 7, 2001 and will arrive in October, 2001), some of these mysteries may be resolved... but it's more likely that many more will be opened. It may not be until we can place new rovers on the planet (more unmanned rovers are planned for 2003 and 2005) or a manned mission successfully lands there that we will begin to unravel the many mysteries of Mars. 

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