6000 year tablet NFOSource

Above printed rolled out seal "daily survival"
The fish-shepherd deity god and priest king doing his ritual duties feeding his temple herd with rosettes.The rosettes are associated with animals and their "Great Lord".
The branches form like an X like public election votes to make their lives better.
This seal correlates to present day (Sumerian) Jewry moon 5768 years

Tablet source


Above the door inside 10 Downing St showing the ancient animal Rossetes
for the "Great Lord". UK Tony Blair "The Lord of The Treasury"
The picture showing his fair well leave 2007 as Head of the uk and known for his gullible and unlawful driven war with Saddam Hussein Head of Iraq who had stated
"The Buck lies with me."

Ancient Symbolic Rosettes at No 10 Downing St


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