Stela of the Vultures detail of reverse, limestone, Telloh, c. 2450 BCE, h.: 1.88 m (after restoration)
From the Early Dynastic - Southern Mesopotamian Period, 2900 BCE - 2350 BCE
Found in Telloh
One fragment of the Stela of the Vultures, also known as the Stela of Eanatum, ruler of Lagash. The obverse (not shown in this image) shows the god Ningirsu crushing his enemies (caught in a net) with a mace. The reverse (detail shown in this image) shows armies in battle, with vultures graphically picking at the bodies of the unfortunate dead. The inscription records the border conflict between the city-states of Lagash and Umma.
Moortgat, Anton. The Art of Ancient Mesopotamia: The Classical Art of the Near East. London: Phaidon, 1967, pl 119.
Source Berkley Education :Art and Archictecture of the Near East .......
Page location Southern Mesopotamia , Early Dynastic, 2900 BCE to 2350 BCE: Ningirsu crushing his enimies