30 Sep 03 - Exclusive - MI5 are now using ambulances for surveillance



UK Ambalance spiral snake logo,
snake being associated with poison
Ancient sybolic spiral poison snake
protector god Logo GUdea's 2000 BCE ,
US snake logo

Tony Gosling

An impeccable source tells me that companies around the UK that do ambulance conversions on vehicles, such as Wadham Stringer near Southampton, got a lot of work in 2003 converting new ambulances for MI5. This may have been justified with any number of lame excuses but the fact remains that we now have a permanent presence of political police (sitting in pretend ambulances) on British streets.

This discredits genuine hard working ambulance men and women and leaves the gestapo elements (the 'crazies') at MI5 perfectly poised to carry out domestic political assassinations. When an ambulance takes someone away everyone trusts that the drivers have good intentions. And does MI5's boss Eliza Manningham-Buller really believe she can get away with secreting her political police around the country dressed as ambulance men?

Next time you see an estate car marked 'ambulance' sitting around doing nothing in your city why not ask the driver if they're a genuine ambulance, or if they work for the gestapo?

Now used psychologically as the uk is being poisoned For Death .

Remember these bastards have already made heart attack and cancer sound natural - As Alex Jones Says - " ENJOY YOUR DEATH "