Benjamin Disraeli
(21 December 1804 19 April 1881)

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Benjamin Disraeli Jewish Ancestry.
Descended from Italian Sephardic Jews from both his maternal and paternal sides. His father Isaac D'Israeli Benjamin apparently changed the spelling in the 1820s. He served , twice as Prime Minister the first and thus far only person of Jewish descent to do so.

He was the first to mention of " Sole Prime Minisiter " in an official government document occurred during the premiership of Benjamin Disraeli. There are numerous categorical testimonies deep into the 19th century decrying the notion of a First or Prime Minister, credibly declaring the concept alien to the Constitution.

In 1741 it was declared in the Commons that "According to our Constitution we can have no Sole Prime Minister... every... officer has his own proper department; and no officer ought to meddle in the affairs belonging to the department of another." In the same year the Lords agreed that "We are persuaded that a Sole, or even a First Minister is an officer unknown to the law of Britain, inconsistent with the Constitution of the country and destructive of liberty in any Government whatsoever." .


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