Ancient History of Alien Talking Heads



2350 - 2900 BCE Sumerian worshiper from the archaeology of the Near East - Mari from the early dynastic period,found in Mari (Tell Hariri) Southern Mesopotamian Iraq.
Figurine wearing fleeced sheep outfit with tail. Statue depicted having large ears which was a trait to listen attentively to and to fulfil a vow or promise of his Diety.
The large ear trait are seen in egyptian king figures Ref: Wooden Ears.


Egyptian King Sesostris III around 1850 BCE.British Museum



Egyptian wooden votive ear to fulfil a vow or promise
late New kingdom about 1200BC . British Museum
Egyptian ear stella , twentith Dynasty , temple of memphis, British Museum.

The oracles of ancient Greece were known to experience Talking Heads.

Western Famous Examples:

Robert Schumann, a famous music composer, spent the end of his life experiencing hearing voices. Schumann’s diaries state that he suffered perpetually from imagining that he had the note A5 sounding in his ears. The musical voice became increasingly complex. One night he claimed to have been visited by the ghost of Schubert and wrote down the music that he was hearing. Thereafter, he began making claims that he could hear an angelic choir singing to him. As his condition worsened, the angelic voices developed into demonic ones.

Joan of Arc claimed to hear the voices of Saints who were the force that guided her and was resolved to obey these messages as she believed they were sent directly from God. She first began hearing voices when she was thirteen and soon after had visions of St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret.

Brian Wilson, songwriter and co-founder of the Beach Boys, had disembodied voices. They formed a major component of Bill Pohlad's Love & Mercy (2014), a biographical film which depicts Wilson's voice hearing as a source of musical inspiration constructing songs that were partly designed to converse with them. Wilson has said of the voices: "Mostly they're derogatory. Some of it's cheerful. Most of it isn't. To combat them, his psychiatrist advised that he "talk humorously to them", which he says has helped "a little bit".

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