Ever wonder why they started to close down and grouping uk police stations like ancient forts around the area like cult temples +
which litter the uk towns and cities every where to gather together as one unit when the mindless
comes to hiddenly un leach it self on the population just look around your area you might find the unusual amount of human fearing RED CURTAINS

Avatar, possessed human shell or what aliens call "human container" and the fearing with the one night light on or the blown out light bulb and sleep paralysis.Sleep paralysis

F E A R OR H E L L Just like the movie paint the town red and renaming it HELL
from the film staring Clint Eastwood "High Plains Drifter"

William Cooper States: " With out aliens you cannot make sense of anything. You put aliens in the middle of this stuff, You get all the Answers".

Desclosure Project Witness: It be hard to tell what is non human
What Aliens call " Human Containers" Transmitting Biological Computers.

Planted justice to un leach its primal evil forces by post box or handed : People say there's more to movie's than you might expect here's the Curse of the Demon ( 1950' ) video clip 4 min's





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