England for Sale

Government Seats in the house of Lords

The Honours ( Prevention of Abuses ) Act 1925 could not be clearer. The penalty for accepting "any gift" for even "assisting or endeavouring to procure the grant of a title" is two years in the slammer. The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 is equally clear. Any gift over 5,000 is declarable, including loans at preferential rates. In addition, any "financial connection" to a party, including a loan, must be declared by a prospective peer.

Blair has created more peerages a year than any national leader, probably since Charles II
Cash for honours investigation
. and like Charles II started an illegal war who had faced treason .

Tony Bliar's Case For Treason

When Margaret Thatcher came to power 27 years ago the gross membership of British parties was over two million. Her illegal selling off all British uk companies, her dismantling of local government and its attendant political activism vaporised over a million of her own party members alone.
Blair has since done likewise .

Gordon Brown Mindless & Reckless selling off 60% 0ff uk gold reserves,
now only 40% left to get rid off.
Gold reserves which can be called upon in the countries financial emergency as secure basis
Brown handed over billions and billions of public money to these private bankers.

What value off the UK population if everything is handed over to the foreign entities ? answer in dept slaves .


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