Master - Keys

Sabotage in ones home and out

You ever wondered if someone been inside your home, don't be fooled
by police or security services or whatever alien intrusion with door rams.
These bastards use master keys these hidden menace can do almost anything from poisoning food to sabotaging your home items, (Are you being asked everytime you go shopping do you need a guarantee?) through to radiation use to spark of cancer.

Have you had that chair back ache experience? At least its one indication the shits have been in side your home.
You might even notice in your area thrown out suspected bed mattresses regarding help with climate change at night time.
And dont worry about your new moved in next door neighbours (many other in 10 mile eathing raduis zones) there just there regarding for example under flooring gassing to help towards your climate change so you can use your blackberry phone to call 999.
And if you find square holes cut out of cloths is to find out how their progress is getting along and the blown light bulb is just to say there been around. (Remember 80 percent of the population is to be murdered or culled). Filming the the front door entrances is a help.

Here's a probable excuse for justification to pry in ones home, have you
ever been asked the time on the street by someone once to often ? or
seen how they use kids as bait for there war arms against pedophilia witch hunt crime for next months ITV or BBC News at 10.
Just by having someone asking you the time by someone who's well
known criminal to the police as say a terrorist suspect now can make
you an associate and subject to a home intrusion and the leaflet or paper
through you door for prior evidence which content can be interpreted as
evidence and justify there intrusion without you knowing it.

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In war the word is used to describe the activity of an individual
or group not associated with the military in particular when actions result
in the destruction or damage. Unlike acts of terrorism. It is common for a government in power to use the term loosely against there opponents.

Dead gone the days of a court order for home intrusion now this immense power is given to your local police chief for abuse or a prawn scum in the corrupt hands from kicking out good officers to direct.


Section 32 also gives the police some limited powers to search premises.
The relevant parts of the section are :
(2) Subject to subsections (3) and (5) below [see ante], a constable shall
also have power in any case -
(b) to enter and search any premises in which he was when arrested or immediately before he was arrested for evidence relating to an offence for
which he has been arrested.
(6) A constable may not search premises in the exercise of the power
conferred by subsection 2 (b) above unless he has reasonable grounds for believing that there is evidence for which a search is permitted under that paragraph.
(7) In so far as the power of search conferred by subsection 2 (b) above
relates to premises consisting of two or more separate dwellings, it is
limited to a power to search
(a)any dwelling in which the arrest took place or in which the person
arrested was immediately before his arrest; and
(b)any parts of the premises which the occupier of any such dwelling uses
in common with the occupiers of any other dwellings comprised in the
It is to be noted that the power to search premises by virtue of subsection
2 (b) must only be for evidence relating to the offence for which the
suspect has been arrested.

If you look around your might see the unusual amount of RED CURTAINS in the UK like the movie staring Clint Eastwood Paint The Town Red and renaming it HELL The film "High plains drifter"( programme 1973).

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