Ancient priest-hood pyramid door entrance of the Afghanistan Mes Aynak ruin site one of central asia’s largest buddhist ruins dated from the early centuries AD. It is possible that a much older site is buried underneath it. Mes Aynak might of been a huge and wealthy terminus on the trade silk road. Archaeologists in Kabul did a preliminary survey of the site mapping it and digging test trenches but before they could gather the enormous resources needed for a full-scale excavation problems occurred, first the 1978 marxist coup then the 1979 saur communist revolution and the soviet invasion intervened then the Taliban's invasion and then the American onslaught of December 2001, by the time French archaeologists returned in 2004, they found that the secret of the buried city was news as had happened in many other sites in the country a large and highly organised team of professional art looters probably from Pakistan had systematically plundered the mounds at Mes Aynak , then in 2008 a Chinese mining consortium bought a 30-year lease on the entire site for $3bn (£2bn) they estimated that the valley contained potentially $100bn worth of copper possibly the largest such deposit in the world.


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