From the Neo-Sumerian/Ur Found in Telloh III Period, 2100 BCE - 2000 BCE. The beaker depicts king Gudea's protector god, Ningizzida, with two twining snakes placed between two Mushhush dragons (variously connected with the gods Marduk and Ningizzida). It was used for cult purposes, and is even depicted on a fragmented stone basin in which cult water was stored in the temple at Telloh. Gudea used stone vessels, stela and statuary to express his pious concerns and duties as king.
Beaker of Gudea with Monsters, stone, Girsu/Telloh, Neo-Sumerian, 2144-2124 BCE. Orthmann, Winfred. Der Alte Oriente. Berlin: Propylaen, 1975, pl 119. NFOSource

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