Strange humanoid anthromorphic
figurine with head similarities to right figure having almond eyes, turned up nostrils and head recess for bitumen head dress. Southern Iraque Ubaid period
4000 BCE - 5000 BC








The head of the statue are curiously shaped. The top of the head is recessed from the face. These features suggest that the head were originally covered with a wig cloth or bitumen head dress. Ain Ghazal Jordan
around 6,500 BCE. Statue no 2 Plaster and bitumen. NFO Source



Female lizard figurine terracotta, with bitumen head dress. British Museum

Ur, Ubaid culture, first half of the fourth millennium BCE, h: 14cm From the Ubaid - Southern Iraque
Mesopotamian Period, 4000 BCE - 5000 BCE Found in Ur, NFO Source



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