( A ) B r a h m a n
1500 - 2000 BCE.


are born into four main caste, which followers believe were established at the time of creation.These caste follow in descending order by high-caste Brahman priest , warriors , merchants and peasents.The caste are considered to come from parts of Lord Braham's body : Warriors from his Arms, Merchants from his Thighs and the Peasents from his Feet

In Picture these caste are the untouchables caste. Each caste has thousands of subcastes.
Historically a person could not convert out of the caste or marry outside of the group into which he or she was born, people who defied these rules were usually ostracized by their community.
Caste also determined a persons work.
Brahmans were the priest and teachers, kshatriyas served as solders, Vaisyas were shopkeepers and Sudras were famers.Dalits did degrading and polluting jobs such as street and toillet cleaning or diposed of the carcasses of dead animals
Food taboos and even conversation were linked to and governed by caste.Brahmans were not permitted to eat food that had been touched or prepared by aperson of a lower status,a low- caste person could not speak to someone of a high caste status.


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