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Political figures

See List of British Jewish politicians

[edit] British MPs

British Members of Parliament listed chronologically by first election date (in brackets)

1974 -

John Whitaker Straw known as Jack Straw (born 3 August 1946),is a senior British Labour Party politician,appointed to the offices of Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and Secretary of State for Justice,Home Secretary , Foreign Secretary and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons .
Leon Brittan, Baron Brittan of Spennithorne (born 1939) (1974) [27], Conservative cabinet minister, European Commissioner
Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson of Blaby, Conservative cabinet minister and life peer (1974) - JYB 2005 p212
  Millie Miller [18], Labour MP
Sir Malcolm Rifkind (1974) [28], Conservative cabinet minister
Joel Barnett, MP, Chief Secretary of Treasury (1974-1979) and life peer (JYB 2005 p212)
Sir Gerald Kaufman, [29] Labour MP
  Alf Dubs [30], Labour MP and life peer
  Helene Hayman, MP / Life Peer (JYB 2005 p212)
Edwina Currie (1983) [31], Conservative minister
Michael Howard (1983) [32], Conservative cabinet minister & party leader (2003-2005)
Peter Mandelson (1992) [33], Labour Party Director of Communications, Labour cabinet minister & current European Commissioner for Trade (Jewish father)
  Barbara Roche (1992) [34], Labour minister
Margaret Hodge (1994) [35], Minister of State for Industry and the Regions
John Bercow [19], Conservative MP
Louise Ellman (1997) [36], Labour MP
  Fabian Hamilton (1997) [37], Labour MP
Evan Harris (1997) [38], Liberal Democrat MP
Oona King (1997) [39], Labour MP (1997-2005), second black female MP (Jewish mother), niece of Miriam Stoppard
liver Letwin (1997) [40], Conservative shadow cabinet member, Chairman of the Policy Review & Chairman of the Conservative Research Department
Ivan Lewis (1997) [41], Minister of State for Health
David Miliband (2001), Labour Party policy chief & Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Jewish Chronicle, 12/5/2006 p7: "Jewish MP David Miliband")
Ed Miliband (2005) [42], Labour MP and chairman of the Treasury's Council of Economic Advisers. Brother of David Miliband and son of theorist Ralph Miliband.
Lee Scott (2005)[20], Conservative MP

[edit] Pre-1900

[edit] Peers

[edit] Other

"His beloved daughter Eleanor, however, who acted as his secretary, considered herself Jewish, took interest in her ancestors, and had a warm appreciation for the Jewish workers in the East End of London." Encyclopaedia Judaica, art. Marx, Karl Heinrich.

Film actors

[edit] TV actors

[edit] TV and Radio Presenters

[edit] Directors/producers/executives

[edit] Comedians

"Eagle-eyed viewers of Channel 4's music show Popworld might have spotted its Jewish presenter Simon Amstell"

[edit] Theatre

[edit] Radio

[edit] Popular musicians

"Elkie Brooks and Graham Gouldman are two Jewish pop star graduates of Sedgley Park Primary School, Prestwich"

[edit] Producers/managers

[edit] Classical musicians

[edit] Songwriters

[edit] Ballet dancers

[edit] Other


"Born in Oxford, she had moved to Cheltenham at the age of five when her father, the polymath Jacob Bronowski, author of Ascent of Man, took up a research post with the National Coal Board. So it was that this nice little Jewish family moved in to Cleeve Hill, a small village four miles from town."
"Five years or so later, I decided to define publicly my identity as belonging to the Jewish community by becoming a member of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue."

Arts and literature

"Waley, born Arthur David Schloss, was a member of an elite Anglo-Jewish family"

[edit] Fine arts

[edit] Designers and Architects

Academic figures

[edit] Philosophers

"Born less than a week apart, Adolf Hitler and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein attended the institution together. There is a haunting school photograph of the young, complex, Jewish philosopher just one row away from the most evil tyrant of the 20th century."
"Wollheim was an outstanding representative of a generation of Central European Jewish intellectuals"

[edit] Medical


[edit] Business and the professions

[edit] Food


[edit] Property

[edit] Manufacturing

[edit] Civil service


5/7/1996 p7: "The Liberal Democrats' sole Jewish MP, Alex Carlile"
25/6/1999 p10: "Alex Carlile is on his way back to Westminster as one of four Jews among the 36 working peers"
Obituary: Harold Lightman; The Independent; Nov 18, 1998; John Balcombe; p. 6; "Lightman was disadvantaged in his early legal career by the fact that he had not been to university and was Jewish."

[edit] Media

[edit] Finance

[edit] Sports

[edit] Boxing

[edit] Chess

[edit] Other

[edit] Military

[edit] Police


[edit] Miscellaneous

Theologians and Hebraists

Religious and communal leaders


See List of British Jewish scientists

[edit] Economists

See List of British Jewish scientists

[edit] Showbusiness

See List of British Jewish entertainers

[edit] Musicians

See List of British Jewish entertainers

[edit] Writers

See List of British Jewish writers

[edit] Artists

List of British Jews

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Although the first Jews may have arrived on the island of Great Britain with the Romans, it wasn't until the Norman Conquest of William the Conqueror in 1066 that organised Jewish communities first appeared in England. These existed until 1290 when the Jewish population of England was expelled by King Edward I of England.

There was never a corresponding expulsion from Scotland. Indeed, the eminent Jewish-Scottish scholar David Daiches states in his autobiographical Two Worlds: An Edinburgh Jewish Childhood that there are grounds for saying that Scotland is the only European country with no history of state persecution of Jews.

Jews were re-admitted to England and Wales in 1656 by Oliver Cromwell, and emancipated in 1858. In the late 19th century there was mass Jewish immigration from Russia due to anti-semitism, and in the 1930s an influx of refugees from Nazism. The Jewish population peaked at 450,000, but has since declined due to low birth-rate, intermarriage and emigration, mainly of the younger generation to Israel. According to the 2001 census, the current population is around 240,000, most of whom live in London, though many experts consider this an underestimate. The following is a list of some prominent British Jews.

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