The pyramid of Monte d’Accoddi: ready to discover the ziqqurat of Sardinia?

pyramid Sardinia

This island has always accustomed its visitors to a legendary beauty. Think that, according to one theory, Sardinia would be Atlantis. And, continuing with the historical-mythological suggestions, on the island there is also a pyramid reminiscent of a Mesopotamian ziqqurat: the archaeological site of Monte d’Accoddi.


The prehistoric/megalithic altar

The archaeological site was discovered in the middle of the twentieth century almost by accident: the shape of that hill was too “artificial” and unsuspected the archaeologists, who found themselves in front of an ancient prenuragic sanctuary in the center of the Nurra area.

The temple, dating back 5 thousand years ago and built in steps, was the religious, cultural and political center of the village that surrounded it. Not far away, there is also a necropolis where the burial recesses have the characteristics of the domus de janas.


Why it is unique

The altar of Monte d’Accoddi is a special place for two great reasons:

  • Although there is no direct relationship, it is identical to the contemporary Mesopotamian temples;
  • It is the only, true ziqqurat present in Europe.


The legend

Such a suggestive place could only be a theater of legend. Two, to be precise. According to the first, the prehistoric altar of Monte d’Accoddi was built by a prince-priest fleeing the Middle East. But it is the second legend to exert the greatest charm.

For unknown reasons, the Mesopotamian prince Uruk ended up on the island of Sardinia with his people. He had a village and a temple dedicated to the moon built. One night, a beautiful woman appeared to the prince, asking him to show her the temple. Uruk refused, telling her that the works had not been completed yet. The woman returned night after night, but the king always opposed the same refusal.

One night, the woman announced that a terrible storm would fall on the temple. So it was, and the temple of Monte d’Accoddi was buried under mounds of earth, including the village. The woman was the incarnation of the moon, who had fallen in love with the prince and was resentful of the continuous waste.


How to get

The archaeological site of Monte d’Accoddi is located at a short distance from Porto Torres, in the northern part of Sardinia. To get there just take via Sassari and follow the signs for the archaeological site. By car it takes very little, just drive for ten minutes and you will see a legendary place.


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