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Lost Civilizations Of Ancient Mexico: Where Men Became Gods Tour: February 19 To March 1 2016


Day 1: February 19:
Arrival in Mexico City. Taxi pick-up at the airport. Overnight Hotel Galeria Plaza.


Mexico City is an amazing place to be located, whilst we visit some sites. It has had thousands of UFO sightings, ancient discoveries made under its streets and still has an Aztec observatory in the subway station!

Day 2: February 20:
Toltec complex of Tula and Pyramids of Teotihuacan:


Tula is a fascinating temple with some megalithic construction, and the mighty Atlanteans presiding over the site, in the image of the ‘Plumed Serpent’ or Quetzalcoatl. The Atlanteans are 30ft tall statues that are surprisingly similar to the ones at Tiwanaku, Bolivia, plus they have similar head-dresses and they have that same look in their eyes.


In the afternoon we visit massive Teotihuacan. This multi-pyramid site has been compared to Giza in size and style, and is unique in Mexico. It has Olmec influences, is aligned astronomically, has underground tunnels, and contains a another temple to the Plumed Serpent. The complex is said to have been built around 200 BC, but it could be much older. Overnight Hotel Galeria Plaza.

Day 3: February 21:
Visit anthropological museum, historical centre with Templo Mayor, plus the circular pyramid of Cuilcuilco.


We will start our investigation in to the origins of the famous Mayan ‘Long Count’ Calendar, looking at many Olmec artifacts in the Anthropological museum that suggest they may have instigated the calendar in 3114 BC. We will see several Olmec heads, the ‘Aztec’ sun stone and original Maya codices. Continue to visit the historic centre of Mexico City.


Continuation to visit Cuicuilco circular pyramid, a fascinating and unique structure, again with discoveries of Olmec artifacts at the site. Controversy over the age of this site has been ongoing that range from 100 AD to 7,000 BC!.  The pyramid was first excavated by Mexican Archaeologist Manuel Gamio in 1917 and although the site is officially dated to around 100 AD, the lava flow that covers much of the pyramid was dated to 5,000 BC. Overnight at Hotel Posada del Tepozteco, Tepoztlan, the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, and the coolest town in Mexico.

Day 4: February 22:
Visit one the most important sites of the Olmec culture: Chacaltzingo, and Xochicalco pyramidal complex.

A small temple and Mountain rocks with incredible carvings on, featuring Olmec symbols and styles. This is not on any other tours. Visit Xochicalco pyramid site. Return to Tepotzlan. Overnight Hotel Posada del Tepozteco, Tepoztlan.

Day 5: February 23:

Visit Cholula and it’s Mysterious Tunnels, the largest pyramidal structure in the world.

Drive to the town of Puebla to visit Cholula, the largest pyramid in the world, with underground tunnels, again dedicated to Quetzalcoatl. Some of Cholula has been reconstructed and around its outskirts were several mysterious megaliths. One looks like an Olmec head (the Olmecs could well have built this place). There are two large megaliths, one with inscriptions and around the main entrance an enigmatic quartz-rich standing stone with a square hole cut out of it.  Drive to Xalapa. Overnight at Hotel Villa las Margaritas Centro. (Puebla – Xalapa approx. 182 km / 2 1/2 hrs. driving time)

Day 6: February 24:

Xalapa Museum

Xalapa museum 2
Visit anthropological museum in Xalapa to see several Olmec heads, stelae, megaliths and elongated skulls. 4 hour Drive to Catemaco. Stay in Catemaco. Overnight Hotel la Finca

Day 7: February 25:

Santiago Tuxtla Museum and Tres Zapotes

tres zapotes

Drive to Santiago Tuxtla and visit museum in Santiago Tuxtla where some incredible Olmec carvings that show clearly negroid features. We’ll see two Olmec heads, including the only one with closed eyes, weighing in at 40 tons. We then take a 13 km drive to Tres Zapotes to visit the museum there, seeing more Olmec heads, evidence of acoustics, plus the stelae showing the controversial 31 BC Long Count date, indicating that the Olmec in fact invented the famous ‘Mayan’ Calendar. Return to Catemaco. Overnight Hotel la Finca

Day 8: February 26:
Olmec capital San Lorenzo + other possible unrecorded site (TBA)

Drive Catemaco – Acayucan. San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, the ancient capitol of the Olmec, with a small museum with an Olmec head and several other fascinating carvings and megalithic oddities. We’ll see here how sophisticated the stonework really is. (There is a local site here that I have contact for & he might be able to show group the canals and artifacts on his land) – hence staying in Acayucan. ) Overnight Acayucan (Hotel Joalicia).

Day 9: February 27:

La Venta Pyramid Site


We drive to the pyramid and megalith complex of La Venta (site), a fascinating tropical pyramid site, with the earliest pyramid in the America’s underground mosaic floors, massive megalithic statues, Olmec heads and a powerful site of the Plumed Serpent energy current. Here, we will practice dowsing to locate the path of these energy currents. Continue to Villahermosa. Overnight Hotel Hyatt Regency. (Catemaco – Villahermosa approx. 310 km / 3 1/2 hrs. driving time)

Day 10: February 28:
La Venta Park, Villahermosa Museum and Comalcalco

Visit La Venta archaeological park, where several Olmec heads, altars and stelae are housed in a beautiful outdoor museum. These were saved from the La Venta site in the 1950’s, and are an incredible collection. We will try to visit the Villahermosa museum, where a fragment of the Tortuguero stone is kept and several other artifacts (although it is currently under renovation). After lunch we drive to Comalcalco pyramid complex, where strange texts and writings are found on clay bricks, that appear to be from many different ancient cultures, where last year an inscription indicating the end of the Long count calendar (December 21st) was found. Back to Villahermosa. Overnight Hotel Hyatt Regency.

Day 11: February 29:
Palenque pyramid site, Lord Pacal’s Tomb Lid

Drive from Villahermosa to Palenque – 2 hours drive.

Visit Palenque, a beautiful jungle location, with a look at the museum with Lord Pacal’s tomb, a great leader in 6th Century said to be of extraordinary height. The great ‘plumed serpent’ energy current sweeps through this site and the ambience and power of this site is something we can enjoy for a good part of the day. Farewell dinner. Overnight Palenque Hotel Ciudad Real Palenque 

Day 12: March 1:
Drive to the airport in Villahermosa and fly back to Mexico City.  Flight not included, but can be arranged for you for 100 US. Fly home from Mexico City.

Tour Cost: 3695 US based on double occupancy.

Direct payment and deposit can be made HERE.

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