The Chosen One's.Jewry

World of Jewry Domination by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
The Synagogue of Satan NFO Flash videos cuts avg 6 mins
NFOSource Vitaliy Shapovalov Youtube video 4 hrs Full length documentary 5 hrs Youtube video

The Chosen One's Jewism - USA_America - Columbus - Lincoln- Roosevelt -
USSR- Russia - Lenin - Trotsky- Marx - Germany - Hitler - UK- Britain - Disraeli
Churchill - Michael Howard
- Jack Straw ..

1: Media
The Caspian Sea looks similar to a fetus from outer space, a fetus is the stage between embryonic and birth which begins after fertilisation.
The word fetus is from the Latin fetus “offspring” and “bringing forth”
The Caspian Sea is the largest inclosed body of water on Planet Earth
located between Europe and Asia
The God Chosen Ones
The Khazar /Ashkenazi Asiatic Jews come from around this region of non semite & non arab.

5: list of Jewry Individual Billionaires vs countries economic revenue
Interesting exposure from JewWatch Library of 2004 in accordance with
Educational Purposes under title 17 section 107 for research and scholarly purpose
The World Order

Middle East/Asiatic Jewry owners of the USA
Federal Reserve bank fleeces out trillions of dollars with out no checks
YouTube video
Congressman Alan Grayson Ask Questions 10 mins
Jewry who run and own the USA video 24 mins YouTube

By the end of the 19th century a God's Chosen One's Jewish Family the Rothschild controlled half the money of the world

video ducumentary 25 mins
Secrets of Rothschild Family Fo
rtune $500 Trillion
 USA Privately Government Central Banks
The Money Masters video 15:46 min's
1st Bankers In England Jewish
Gold stored does not belong to the U.S.A it's owned by foreign nations including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Economic and Trade



 Ancient aboriginal trade and economic sign left is similar to the right american dollar signs.
The aboriginals migrated from asia at least 30,000 years ago and are the most ancient culture on earth.
Youtube video 2 : 58 min's Ref:
Aboriginal Elder Willie Gordon

Intriguing A l t e r n a t i v e look in to ANCIENT HISTORY & its Similarities

Egypt Inca
Ancient similarity of the god cult symbolism in unconnected countries of the wor ld
B . C
. E (Before Common Era)

Almaty God?
Interesting similarities
Shepherd-fish deity Lord|God and priest king also know as the shit stirrer God
images from 4000 to 2000 BCE. Note the similar rolled brimmed hat for cold mountainous regions
3500 -3100 BC
Before installed
Egyptian Kings
2900-3000BC 2500 BC 3000-3300 BC 3000-3300 BC 3100-4000BC
3100-4000 BC


Sheperd-Fish God Deity and Sumerian servent 

3000 BCE




The Shepherd - fish God deity wearing familair rolled brim hat standing on a Mash Arab Tarada Canoe?.
Its left bow looks like Sumerian writing script placed one above the other where the standing figure navigates. The head bow symbol meaning surround - capture. See Sumerian writing Script 7 The two temple herd ring symbols above the buffalo has ancient and present similarities- 1 one - 2 two - 3 three - 4 four - 5 - five.
Above image dated around 3300 BCE

The Shepherd - Fish God Deity Lord rolled brimmed hat for mountianous regions similarities from present day South Asia Region Afghanistan - Pakistan /Indian Himalayas
GOD ALMIGHTY? name Simialarities1: Russia. ALMATY
and 2: China ALMATY Region The 1st land Trading route from East to West on planet earth

Above similarities of religious God flock outfits from Bartrina (Iran-Afganistan-Pakistan) sun dress to sumerian below sheep dress 3000 to 2000 BCE

Sumerian fleeced sheep outfit

A - B - C - D - E - F - G

The above Shepherd - Fish Deity God with Merchandise standing on a canoe is similar to tthe Madan Marsh Arab canoe called a Tarada canoe, They were once apon a time made as long as 8 metres when the marshland was more flooded. They were made from reeds and its high curved bows were created by wetting, strapping and bending the reed bow's upwards. Bitumen was used as a water sealent which gaved the canoe smooth travel in the water and slick looks like viking vessels. The domestic Asian water Buffalo in the picture is still used today by the Marsh Arabs . This particular Buffalo is a Indian / Pakistan Murrah breed









Wealth in human fleeced sheep flocks


Northern Afghanistan (Pakistan Indus valley) near the Silk Trade Route Road is where the precious blue stone Lapis Lazuli is used in Sumerine figurines 2500 BCE and in the Egyptian King Funeral mask of Tutankhamun 1341-1323 BCE

God his Goddess wife inanna-ishtar and his religious sumerians (priest, servants,worshipers, war soldiers, governors Interesting similarities throughout 6000 years to present day.
Sumerian Deity, Lord and God. Also known as Shepherd-Fish God Priest King and Shit Stirrer God


1000 BCE 2000 BCE 3000 BCE


Adult Ram Kid-Goat
Blood Sacrifice

Assurnasirpal ll

Adult Ram Kid-Goat
Blood Sacrifice

Summarian Priest

Shepherd and fish deity God with familiar rolled brimmed hat holding a kid-goat by the scruff of the neck and restraining its hind leg. Does the triangle shape of this Blu Monument top represent a mountain and the restraint hold of ram-kid goat for iconic conflict which is the representation of the underground hidden sumerian Jewry servant/ soilder holding a support brace beneath his deity Gods feet.

Bush Jr holds his Goat kid book 2000 CE
Adult Goat Kid trying to escape 2000 CE (Common Era )

Video Click pic 2: min's Video Click pic 30secs  

In video a kids teacher starts hitting the "My Pet Goat Book " with a stick after 3rd hit and a cue cough from one of the seated kids. The president bush kid junior head of the united states of america picks up his "My Pet Goat Book" with continued good beating beating on the book by the teacher.

This ancient symbolic event was on the day and exact time he was being informed of the September 11 attacks. His image is similar to below ancient middle east depictions of adults holding a Kid-Goat in hands for human reprentation of man-kind and earths history of wars.

Uncanny similar picture of president kid junior Bush holding a book called"My PET GOAT "
A programmed timed photograph for Ram Kid - Goat history of the Wor Schedules

S H E E P.. : Fearful, Stupid, The Brain Lacks Intelligence
G O A T.:: Gullable, Eats, Rams and Bucks Almost Anything for Conflict

Above sacrificial rams blood lined for Earths World History Schedules

BirdHawk-head commodity label simsilarites.
God Ningirsu
with held captives 2450 BCE


nnnnnn C.I.A

The BirdHawk above is a symbol of war & spy messager.
Egypt 1st installed King Namer war palette 3,100 BCE similar to the India's Bhimbetka war cave shelter painting
30,000 BCE - 1500 BCE


White Money


Meaning of Colors

USA flag turned at 90 degrees stars appear
like Goats
.The US Blood Lines.


Ancient Signs 5000 yrs ago Indus Valley
Commodity labels similarities A--B . Does your clothes tag mean ownership?

Hierarchy means: Rule of High Priest

2370 -2900 BC year
old 5000 year sumerian writing,
note the a Goat like image on wall face.




The Alternative Meaning To Flag Labels

High priest war and victory standard with captives holding sheep or cattle emblem 2300- 2900 BCE  

The Law of The Priest

Kennith Scott Youtube Video 5 mins
The real matrix hidden in plain sight / Babylonian

The symbolic cross motif similarity is associated for sheep
Cross could even represent + Bird = 1 head, 2 wings and 1 tail & from the ancient past sun worship+
Can represent a sword & the four quarter's of the world.... ..........David Icke"Conquered by the cross

NFO Source
Church sheep flocks

United Kindom
Above Sumarian writing script for sheep trade is one of the earliest known writings,
dated back around 3000 to 5000 yrs

The symbolic rosette motif similarity is associated for Great lord, animals, devotion and prosperity
Western Church windows rossetes representing LORD God,
devotion, prosperity & flocks
Fish-Shepherd God - Priest / king
3000 - 4000 BCE
Fish and Shepard God
holding rosettes
Menstrual Blood Imperial Seal
Far Eastern
or ALT Poison NewsNFO Flash video 2: min's ALT.
GOD later known as GOD ALMIGHTY? Name Similarities Russia. ALMATY & China ALMATY Region

Pyramids engineered 3000 BCE +/- to 2000 +/- BCE in a straight line to the equinox of the sun and earth's equator line.
Picture.: AMERICA'S Olmecs, Mexico, EGPT; Giza, IRAQ; UR , IRAN; Tepe Sialk, CHINA; Shen-HSI pyramids
"The Revelations of the Pyramids" documentary. Youtube video Mysteries of the world 20 mins cut
NFOSource MariannuMC Channel Mysteries of the world YouTube video 1hr :40 mins

Pictures from excavations and similar symbolism of connected civilizations
P Y R A M I D Hierarchy high priest-hood death mound pyramid's through out planet earths for human cull timing in points of star light.
AMERICA's Olmecs 2000 BCE Step. pyramid IRAQ 2100 BCE
Step. pyramid


Step. pyramid
CHINA Asia 3000 BCE
Step Pyramids
The Lost Mysterious Pyramids of China - Documentary 2016 -  YouTube video cut 6 mins NFOSource - 45 mins
UK 2000 C.E . (Common Era)
P Y R A M I D  religiuos priest-hood triangular door entrance's similarities. The trianglar V door could represent female virgina the place of birh
-B- C- D- 1200 BCE
TURKEY Anatola Hittites 
olds a mysterious Jade green looking stone within the priest-hood grounds 1600 BCE. 
IRAQ Sumarians
A - B - C 2600 BCE
Buddhist - Temple
Present day europe
Priest-hood lock purse, religious story book hand bag and weight
MEXICO.monument Olmec Man, purse and Snake or Dragon 1000-500-BCE PERU Chemu purse contain SHELL money/currency. Chan Chan South America 900 CE. NFOSource YouTube video Lost Kingdoms Of South America - BBC Documentary - 5 mins IRAN Jiroft- chlorite- purse containing subject conquer 3000 + BCE IRAN Jiroft- chlorite- purse containing subject; 2 horn, distinct nose figures with scorpion stings 3000 + BCE IRAN Jiroft chorite purse 3000 + BCE IRAQ Sumerian purse contain subject with eyes and devotion rosettes 2600-2400 BCE TURKEY T-Head Megalith with three purses on top with Easter island like birds holding object Symbol- Obelisk Tempe 10,000 - 8,000 BCE
Ancient stone structures in stone working precision similarities from Arabia to Americas
INCA stone structures precision in Cuzco
video Macho Picchu stoneworking decoded- 3 mins
precision stone structures
around 2500 +/- BCE
  ARAB Hili Grand Tomb
Abu Dhabi 2500 +/- BCE
The National Hili Grand Tomb
YouTube video 1 min
  Easter Island
precision stone structures
around 1000 +/- BCE
Using a bow drill in ancent Egypt drilling into granite with a copper saw combined with quartz sand   Similarity Ancient Stone (T) - Shape Grooves and Metal (T) - clamps from Americas, Easter-Island, Egypt, Iran, India and China

Arab Ubaid 5500 - 4000 BCE Lizard eye Anthromorphics with long bitumen clothed heads similarities.

Bitumen clothed heads, turned up nostrils
and Almond eyes Similarities

Archaeological Strange Ancient Long Headed similarities of Lizard eye and Anthromorphics figurines from not connected parts of the world from Ancient Middle East , Europe and the Americas

New Finds Turkey Catalhoyuk
female Anthromorphic figarine
to the above humaniod Lizard with strange intriguing three arm joints with exoskeleton backbone. Date Around 7500 BCE.NFOSource
Strange Middle-East White Statues around 7000 - 5000 BCE Jordan recent cache II
Statue 2 Statues 5 & 6 Statue head 9 statue s39 Statue 1 Statues 4 & 5   Finds near HEART shape region
Oldest Strange Anthromorphic statues of large size ever found on Planet Earth. NFOSource
'Ain Ghazal, a Neolithic settlement located near Amman, Jordan Middle East
Cache 1 from1983 are different from the above 1985 cache II images from Department of Antiquities of Jordan with a l m o n d - s h a p e d - e y e s
British Museum figures have rounder eye pupils with the same t u r ne d up nostrils photo.
Interesting David Icke exposure

From Chapter One "The Martian Have Landed.
The White Martians who had settled on earth were stranded here with out their technology.These white Martians, Desborough says became the white people of Earth. Page 15/16. Extract from book

The Biggest Secret..
Book Down load
  Where do whites originate from the Poles, Caucasia, the Alpines, the Middle East.
India? REFnfo
: White Kalash People





David Icke Conquered By The Cross +  Original Bible
T a l Mad
Interesting David Icke Youtube 2008 video 7: min's
" You are in a
Trap and not seeing the prison Bars III ". Youtube 2008
Jordan's strange land formations can only be seen and photographed in the air by air-craft.
They number well into the thousands.and are virtually unknown to it's public. Azraq Oasis Jordan .around 2000 yrs old.

. 1: Giant Wheels Azraq Oasis Jordan 2: Stone Dots Azraq Oasis Jordan.
2000 yrs old. NFO
Images is similar to the air view of an african settlement on the left.
Did ancient africans settled in Jordan 2000 years ago?
ARRATTA - The start of Human Civilization
8000 BCE
UKRAINE'S - Aryans - Sumerians
(The dark hair people)

1st Pyramid in the world?
Centre of Old Europe
The Bonsia Sun Pyramid 4000 +/- BCE

HeatherLee Hooker
Arratta means country lit up by the Sun ( illumination)
70% of all symbolism world wide come from this civilization

swastika & yin yang sign YouTube video cut 22 mins
Megalithic Discoveries in Ukraine: Megalithomania

NFOSource Youtube video channelmegathithomania 1hr
Bosnian city of Visoko. Semir 'Sam' Osmanagich claims to have discovered huge old pyramids, a vast network of underground tunnels.

video Grenswetenschap Channel 50 mins


The 1st installed kings of Egypt were Black Africans from year zero.
3000 BCE +/- down to 2000 +/- BCE from lower egypt (known as upper egypt)
The kings names had the BirdHawk Horus attached to it the above control (hidden war & spy messager symbol).
The Egyptian king duration was in accordance to the Cattle Count
1st king
3100 BCE
  18th king Khasekhem
2600 BCE
19th king
2600 BCE

22nd king
2600 BCE

23rd king
2500 BCE
24th king
2500 BCE
25th king
2500 BCE
26th king
2500 BCE
27th king
2500 BCE
  29th king
2400 BCE
30th king
2400 BCE
  32nd king
2400 BCE
33rd -king
34th king-Menkauhor
2400 BCE
  39th king
Pepi 1st
2300 BCE
  41st king
Pepi 2nd
2100 BCE
  80th king
Mentuhotep 2nd
2000 BCE
81st king
Mentuhotep 3rd
1900 BCE
  84th king
Sesostris 1st
1900 BCE
85th king
Amenemhat 2nd
1800 +/- BCE
86th king
Senusret 2nd
1800 +/- BCE
OLMECS from 2000 +/- BCE Black African & Oriental Chinease The 1st to develope and culturing the AMERICAS
They installed Americas 1st pyramids,religion and elitism. Installed the 1st Mayan King Pakal of Palenque who's sacrificial death by the priest-hood set precedent for future south Americas population culling in blood sacrifices. The Olmecs or other entity buried evidence of there pressence when leaving the Americas. See ref below un earthed colossal military African heads and Chinease artifacts of the OLMECS

Black African  military protection order
Oriental Chinease religious order and engineers. Above Jade death masks and high crafted figurines
Two distinct races opposite to the Native South and North Americas Indians. Around 2000 +/- BCE


YouTube video Channel Visual 20 mins. EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS before it is deleted, Why is the US government always hiding it .

The history of the
development of aides

Billion doller a year profits more money spent for cure than sending a man to the moon 10 yrs on and no cure. HIV is harmless the real death cause is the use of the dugs eg: AZT

Micro Chipping Police Force

Planet E a r t h T i m e - t h r e e - n u m b e r s -
1 . 3 . 6 = 139. 163 . 193 . . ..
Program Loop .
391 .
136 . 391
& 6 is the perfect number loop (6 9)

Alternative history on Slavery
Islam and the Slavery of God

YouTube video
9 mins min's



...BBC COW Globe...




How many has God killed?
Youtube video
Channel Discern4
A loving ominiscient God can't think
of a better solution than slaughter
5 mins

History Of Christianity -
Christianity Was Invented

God Cult Mind CONTROL : Definition
Cult Mind Manipulation
: Persuasion
ALT Jesus Christ is Titus Fabien
An interesting documentary about the first 1000 years of one of the most wide spread religions in the World: Christianity
created by the Roman Fabiens
video Ducumentarylab 2hr:50 mins
Capture Mind 


Egyptian carried on
symbolic dead as cattle
Jewry chosen artist Damien Hurst
symbolic dead as cattle

In reference
google Video

48 min's
Iraque Missing Billions

Text Data TheGaudian
God cult mindless stirred up wor 650,000 Iraqi people culled & murdered. Pictures
Mindless driven decision Blair - For his unnecessarily murder of Iraques population-
and who's country's next, a
The new placed Trouble Shooter Cultist led president in Iran as like Bush.
telling him what he must do next!
The morjority of 1 trillion spending in Iraq missing! and billions more money is needed. Where has all this money gone ?
UK's 21st Century GOAT RAM Say's"The BUCK LIES with me"

UK British Security Services Occult "All Seeing Eye" Logo
British Security Services
Occult Logo

UK Ambulance for psycho death threat.
Tony Blair MI5 Agent . Mi5 files being opened

Jewry led Tory Blair & Shit Stirred Wor John Pilger Brussels War Crimes Tribunal UK British Security Services Ancient Occult Eyes Logo watching over the UK

The unnecessary murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians -Will Bliar and Bush be on trail for war crimes at international tribunal hosted in Malaysia . source.The insider

.......E N G L A N D

Cylinder Seal with figures holding a pine-cone - seed cone - purification stone with one leg bare showing purification for led CON FLICT. Here countries head's are represented as GOATS and LIONS.
GOATS HEADS are turned in fear.

Both GOATS and LIONS have fertilized pine cone held at their heads by two middle human figures who are also pointing a finger as Chosen One's.
Seal from Kultepe Turkey. Date: 1500 - 2000 BCE.
The pine-cone could mean ever lasting since pine cones live a very long time.
WARS is spelt Alternatively MARS, ARMS and RAMS.

In reference
Ancient symbolic similarities
control around 1
X at the end of the Lascaux cave.
The un lucky Roman Number Xlll = 13




6000 years BCE bowl showing the swastika an ancient symbol. Can mean working in unison as mention in the
flash video clip 13 from millennium 2000..
Notice in this intelligent designed 8000 year old Neolithic plate the bird is catching fish on the inside and at the same time a crocodile catching fish on the outside swirling around a vortex of a swastiks which is a universal and world wide sign on planet earth
Larger Picture view

The Swastikas a very ancient world symbol.




Four finger hand & Birdhead men - short chin, short forehead and large nose similarities.



Old European vase showing
strange ALIEN four fingers
Date: 6000 BCE year



Prehistoric Lascaux Cave
image with four fingers Elevated Birdhead man with worrier spear with erect penis
Date: 15,000 - 20,000 BCE.

four finger image and dots probably means travel, season and schedule. eg. 4 fingers x 7dots = 28 days = 1 month time period.

Birdhead worrier men up in arms with erect penises.
The cross + inside them could mean the four quarters of the world or the sun.
Date: 600 - 1,800. BCE Images,
NFO Source  
Southern Pacific Ocean Islands .
There a rose a warrior cult of the Birdhead men .
The Birdhead men was seen as the representative on earth of the creator
God Make Make.
Source NFO.
Anagram upside down = Wakee Wakee.
Africa fleeing man worrier? with Birdhead man with erect penis. Date: 8000 - 2500. BCE
Source NF
European Birdhead man
in concept 3 wheel vehicle
Date: 2000 BCE

Birdhead worrier


Prehistoric Lascaux Cave
showing similarities
date around: 20,000 BCE
Indian Animal Antelope
Sarasvati trading label similarities
Date: 1,500 BCE

Egyptian vase
trading label similarities
Date: 3000 BCE





Adult Ram Goat-Kid
Representation of Man-Kind
Ref: Zecharia Sitchin Video Clip Lecture 4: min's
On the top right hand corner of this Sumarian cylinder seal with a figure left holding and Kid-Goat as representation of ManKind.
Depicts the Sun at the center of our solar system with the planets arrayed around it a fact not know to European science till around 300 years ago until the invention of the modern telescope.
Seal dated around 4000 years ago. Berlin Museum.

Ref: Documentary video Clip cut 18secs.
Zecharia Sitchin

Head two Head bucking goats confronting one another for CAVE planned conflicts or Earthling's waring fate? Prehistoric cave writing, date around: 20,000 BCE
a n d
B o d y t r a p
SourceNFO Readers Digest





Alternative News and History













































































Scroll down for lastest information
The worlds population's reduced by 25% 25 % up date 80 % 8 0 %  
Alternative information you wont find on main stream. Enjoy!
" They want to kill you, they want to control you and they can with
your help All you have to do is Nothing " Yet None Dare Call IT MURDER " A . J . Hilder.
Video NFO 6 min's
M i l l e n n i u m 2 0 0 0
They want it All want it ALL
Anthony. J. Hilder.

LUCIFER 2000 NFO flash video  

Millennium 2000 NFO flash video Anthony.J.Hilder

" Your'e supposed to be to stupid
to sus things out "
Earth's - Death's
2 min's
Police - Talk
3: min's
Set - Up
2 min's
  2 min's
Inside - Job
EX - Investigation
2 min's
Army - Take - Over
2: min's
. Military
Anthony. J. Hilder."Illusion and confusion having police control every aspect of your life.
What you See. What you Eat. Where you Go."

Anthony.J.Hilder. "AIR CRAP" UK'S Climite Change. Video cut 4.56 min's UK'S Chemtrails
The sprayings are a joint endeavor by the U.S.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), as well as the Swedish government in her own country, to modify atmospheric

conditions via deliberate aerosol spraying efforts. And included in this “dangerous” mix of aerosols are various chemical components, viruses and viral fragments, and metals such as aluminum and barium, which have already been shown to be accumulating in water supplies and soils around the world.
NFOsource. Hagberg Swedish Official Hagberg. 2012
Anthony. J. Hilder."Illusion and confusion having police control every aspect of your life.
What you See. What you Eat. Where you Go."

Opium unwoken dead a shleep
Poppy alternative meaning

Interesting Exposures
2 min's
Pet Goat 
1 min's
Trap Goat
1 min's
5 min's
Public Terrorist
Loose change  
4 min's
Murder 80%
3 min's
: Harp Project
6: min's C.I.A   Electronic elections vote Rigging

Master Key
Is your home being sabotage and secretly invadedb by
Police And Security Services
Snoop Dogs
800 public bodies now have powers to snoop dog on our
phones and emails

Mail OnLine

RED CURTAINS, You can find around the UK.
William Copper states " with out aliens, you cannot make sense .

Ronald Ragon
Alien speech
" The Alien Force Are Already Amongst Us "
Video 18 sec's


G Edward Griffin
Ancient Round Table GROUPS - NFO-Video: clip 1 mins


King's of Britain & America Have No Cloths on The War Against Terror - Part 1 of 7- Clip A & B NFO-Video: clip : A 16 mins."...........NFO-Video: clip : B 16 mins.

An investigation into 9-11 | full documentary ZERO:

Explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account.
YouTube Video:
Zero an investion into 9-112 2 hours"

Alex Jones an interview with Aaron Russo 911 is a FRAUD

911 is Phoney, a Hoax, a Joke, the truth needs to come out its a FRAUD.
Rockeffer tells Russo 11 months before 911 that theres going to be an event
to start off WAR - Video:
NFO-YouTube Alex Jones interview with Aaron Russo 911 -Reflections Warnings 7 mins


NEWS They Control Everything We Watch, Hear and Read.

Journalist for 25 years educated to lie to betray and not tell the truth to the public
Journalist colleagues are bribed to betray the people all over Europe.
They control everything 13 mins"
Journalist Christopher Bollyner Talks

A well-travelled writer and an investigative journalist
YouTube Video:
Who is really behind 9/11 15 mins"


Author John Kaminski
On How Jews control The American Mind.

YouTube Video: NFO How Jews control The American Mind 4 mins

,News = Jews


Journalist John Pilger
Exposes Fake News and Deception and in-bedded News

John Pilger independant Journalist film The War You Dont See.
Exposes Fake News and Deception and in-bedded news reporting

YouTube Video part (1) :
The War You dont See 25 mins".
Video part (2) : The War You dont See 25 mins


Journalist John Pilger Talks
YouTube Video's
Reporting Journalism alternative to bedded mainstream news 40 mins

Do you know who owns 96% of the entire media. The Jews

The Jews they own it all...That is why Alex Jones isn't going to tell you.That's what 90% percent of all these so called truth channels are not going to tell you
NFO YouTube Jews run Media, Government, Banks, Wars, Wake up Trailer clip 1 mins

.................................Jews = News

Congress man Jim Traficant about Jewish Control of America Talks
Jews have a powerful hold on American Government, they Control both Members of the House, the Senate, they have us involved in War. they Control much of the Media... THEY OWN CONGRESS. NFO -
YouTube video
Jim Traficant talks about Jewish control of Americans 2: mins

FMR Congress woman Cynthia Mckinney Talks
I been asked to sign a pledge to Israel when I first became a candidate for congress and after refusing to do so my congressional career became trench warfare, hand to hand combat just to remain in the congress ever since my refusal to sign that pledge for the Jewish pro Israel lobby let me know that my political neck was in the hang mans loose
YouTube video
Jews control the world clip 1 mins"
Lyndon Larouche Speaks

911 was a set up, a top down inside job with the British intelligence the Saudi Arabia and certain people associated with the Bush family in the United States. They pulled It NFO-YouTube Video : Lyndon Larouche Speaks 5: mins

The Shah of Iran 1976 Dicusses USA Jewish Congress loddy Speaks

The Jews are controlling many things USA congress, newspapers, medias, banks, finacies, I am going to stop there.
NFO-YouTube Video
Shah Speaks 2:22 mins

Middle East Scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein Talks
Israel & Saudi Arabia are Sisters
NFO-YouTube Video : Islamic Awakening cut . 2: mins
Dr. Russell Blaylock
On The Chemical Dumbing Down Of Society
YouTube video Whoisafraidofrealitychannel 4 mins


David Icke
Interesting David Icke Exposure
AGENDA 21 The Plan To Kill You - The United Nations Depopulation. YouTube video David Icke Channel 1hr: 36 mins
David Icke Talks 2018
Different Politicians coming and going here today and gone tomorrow people.
You need to look at those forces who are always there who are pulling the strings

YouTube Video :The Middle East Explained -
David Icke Channel Pt one
55 mins

David Icke 2018 to Eamonn Holmes UK Broadcaster Talks
YouTube Video :David Icke in conversation with Eamonn HolmesTaLK RADIO
40 mins

David Icke 2018 to REAL LONDON Talks
YouTube Video Channel :REAL LONDON 1 hour

David Icke 2019 Dot-Connector VideocastTalks
YouTube Video Channel :Can't Buy A Home? - That's The Idea And This Is Why - The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast 17:30 mins


David Icke 2019 Talks non of the above X

YouTube Video Channel :non of the above

NewsNFO Solution the 6000 + year old pass the baton king in number 10 Downing st castle the equivalent of the usa white house should be democracy trashed,

National elections citizens voting can tick a box for Direct Democracy (in representing yourself in referendum) or for a political party (and its leader) or an political individual representative. Proposals on National issues and social concerns are put forward example: Free Healthcare, Free Education Nationalisation or Privatisation of public wealth; gas, oil etc for debate and scrutiny in the House of Commons showing both sides of arguments, electronic or paper voting for or against or neutral.
Any electronic and paper ballot rigging or tapering found will get a long prison sentence.

David Icke 2019 Freedom of Speach Talks
YouTube Video Channel :freedom of speech


Direct Democracy in the USA
Direct Democray allows the voice of the public to be heard and unhindered in its purest form Representive Democracy is not Democratic.

Politicians are currupt 93 % of the house of representatives and 94% of the senate were won by the candidate what spent the most money (from getting well known through advertising themselves) from wealthy donors who are rewarded into major diplomatic positions and given favours .

The one person represents the public will and make decisions on every human being. (Pathetic and utter lunacy.

The intricacies of an entire function economy and society its just too complex only the people on the ground can have true understanding of the needs and wants, politicians should not exist nor should the system of Representative Democracy YouTube Video Channel Ian Davis 9:40 mins

Direct Democracy can work in Ireland
Irelands first constitution Direct Democracy was in there and the fore farther's left it as a protection but was taken out that is why the people feel un protected.
Both main parties have Representative Democracies. Direct Democracy comes from the people up where Representative Democracy comes from the top down and tells you how its going to be. Example If you want to bail out the Banking system you ask the people instead of telling them that's more dictatorship than democracy.
YouTube Video Channel Ian Davis 9:30 mins

Alex Jones
Alex Jones Reflections and warnings: An interview with AAron Russo 911 is a FRAUD

911 is Phoney, a Hoax, a Joke, the truth needs to come out its a FRAUD.
Rockeffer tells Russo 11 months before 911 that theres going to be an event

What happened in 911 is a phony we never learned the truth about 911 the whole agenda is to create a one world government, what we want does not matter anymore its there agenda its there plans what matter its about control its about there vision in how they see the world.

A Jewish elite Rockafella told 11 months before 911 ever happened that there is going to be an event and out of that event we are going to evade Afghanistan, to run pipe lines out of the Caspian Sea, to evade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the middle east and make it a part of the new world order and where going after Venezuela and sure enough 911 happened and Hahaha you'll see solders looking in caves for people in all these places and there is going to be a war on terror where there is no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax and its away to take over the american people.

911 was done by are own people in government and banking system to perpetuate the fear of the american people into subordinate themselves into anything the government wants them to do and to create this endless war on terror without any real enemy that you cannot see, define a winner so it goes on and on and on forever, people are just serfs there nothing. What's the point of all this, you have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what's the point, what's the end goal? The end goal is to control whole of society, control the world.
......NFO - Video: NFO-YouTube Alex Jones interview with Aaron Russo 911 -Reflections Warnings 7 mins

Interesting Alex Jones Exposure
Video Clip 8:mins
Warning The Dangers of Vaccines

Vaccination Manslauter Expo
Almost Two Thirds of The French Population video Vaccination

Alex Jones Zion. Arab's Own it All wmv video Clip 3 min's
Warning A Call To Action YouTube video time 10 min's

Alex Jones Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall
YouTube video Alex Jone Channel 38 mins

The public outcry over anti-Brexit bias in BBC programmes is growing daily.

BBC Newsnight
The British majority of ignorant and misled public
for voting to leave The Europen Union.
By Richard dawkins.
Youtube video ALT comment. He is a Christian frantic,
a man who puts it upon him self to speaks on the behalf of the not religious of being controlled opposition who keeps on mouthing off he is atheist which conning and deceptive hidden meaning is a person who believes in a God since theist means a person who believes in God

Sargon of Akkad interviewing for British Exit of the European union at Parliament.Youtube video channel Sargon of Akkad Brirish - exit protesters at Parliament for the latest round of failed deliberations.17 mins
Sargon of Akkad interviewing for British Remain in the European union at Parliament. Youtube video channel Sargon of Akkad British remain protesters at Parliament for the latest round of failed deliberations.17 mins

How much does Britain pay into the EU and what does it get back In total since 1979, Britain has paid in about £228 Billion?
Chart: money news article

Our Battle Of Britain ..
Independent MP'S candidates
Where ever you live in Britain you will find a independent candidate to vote for in the next election to send these people (MP's) the message that they are our servants not our masters...MP's will listen when they get voted out...lose there seats if there is any justice and never be heard from again.

With newsNFO amendments of trashing castle
number 10 Downing Street king or otherwise pointless




Jimmy Dore dicusses with Former USA president nominee who has a book on how to watch and control the infestation of RATS in USA Congress
and of
Corporations taking over both parties AND Citizens POWER,
YouTube Video Part 1 Channel The Jimmy Dore Show 14 mins

William Arkim long time news reporter resigns from NBC News and MSNBC News emails in general All News outlets are Captive to National Security state & devoted to endless War.
YouTube Video Channel The Jimmy Dore Show 25 mins
News Iran War For Trump
YouTube Video Channel The Jimmy Dore Show 18 mins


Should all Billionaires be Banned?
Thom Hartmann debates with Peter Schiff, CEO & Chief Global Strategist

YouTube Video
Channel Thom Hartmann Program 9 mins
ALT Origins of Christmas
Talk with Dr Stephen Larson

YouTube Video
Channel Thom Hartmann Program 10 mins

RT is a global news channel broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. With a global reach of over 700 million people states to be the Number One News on Youtube Russia TV
USA General Wesley Clarke.
Conspiracy planned out written memo of Middle East WARS.
From bombing in AFGHANISTAN. A top down memo how we going to take out seven countries in five years starting with IRAQ and then SYRIA, LEBANON, LIBYA, SOMALIA, SUDAN and finishing off IRAN

Video RTNEWS Channel
RT America 2 mins
American mythology and the loss of Democracy

Ralph Nader, former Presidential Candidate, discusses American Mythology and the loss of Democracy with
Chris Hedges.

Video RTNEWS Channel
RT America 24mins
American Loyalty Oath to Jews

Jounalist Rick Sanchez Are Americans Now required To Sign A Loyalty Oath To
RTNEWS YouTube Video wwwMOXNEWScom 13 mins

Jesse Ventura
discusses with Doctor Steven Greer and answer social media questions from the viewers. They discuss the Pentagon’s UFO program and submarines that allegedly track underwater UFOs.

RTNEWS YouTube Video Channel RT America 26 mins
Journalist Chris Hedges
discusses the coming Economic Collapse of the United States of America with Economist Richard Wolff
YouTube Video Channel RT America 14 mins

Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, puts body on display (while still on UN human rights council)

YouTube Video Channel RT America 5 mins

Oppressed Media
New Austrian govt closes 7 mosques, expels 60 Imams, says "This is just the beginning"

YouTube Video Channel Oppressed Media 5 mins


Abby Martin - With Inside Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia head the UN on Human Rights its expertise includes among other things cutting heads off with swords in public streets executed at a rate one every two days in the 21st century for things like sorcery, adultery, armed robbery, blasphemy, homosexuality, drugs. Executions are beheadings, firing squad or stoning and non violent drug offences account for a shocking 43% of all executions.Teenager crucifixion executions for opposing the Royal family.

Channel Truth Juice 27 mins
Chris Hedges Fascism & the Christian Right
Renowned journalist and author Chris Hedges has embedded himself in what he calls “Christianized Fascism” and warns that this is the biggest danger we face under Trump A fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government. coupled with the emergence of the Alt Right, the Trump movement, and the rise of fascist movements abroad.
YouTube Channel TeleSUR English 25 mins

World-Renowned Professor Noam Chomsky: Empire's Election
Both parties shifted to the RIGHT as in every where in the world and the republicans just went of the spectrum they became so dedicated to the interest to the extreme wealthy and powerful.
Any candidate who has a assembalance of rationality is not even competing
YouTube Channel Empire Files 28 mins


US Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader The Corporate Elections
Enslaved by corporatism, they put high executes in government positions they fund both parties, they turn the government against its own people, where not even led by the B, D or E team its like a race to the bottom.
Corrupt Triangle of $200,000 $500.000 speeches paid out to top politians because they want something. YouTube Channel TeleSUR English 25 mins

Chris Hedges Jounalist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
, War, Propaganda & the Enemy Within.
Understanding of crowd phychology, people are not moved by fact, reason they are moved by manipolation.
YouTube Channel Empire Files 28 mins

Bill Binney NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do
Abby Martin interviews former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, Bill Binney, who blew the whistle on warrantless spying years. They discuss the US empire's mass surveillance program and dangers of the Intelligence Industrial Complex. Binney received a personal award for integrity in whistleblowing from Peter A. Allard, founder of the Allard Prize for International Integrity.
YouTube Channel Empire Files 27 mins






Nothing In This World Works The Way You Think It Does. 2017

Governments do not operate the way you think they do, banks do not do what you think they do, the Police Department is not here for what you think it is... nothing in your world works the way you think it does. There's a far higher, bigger picture-
YouTube -Video
channel: XVII LXXVI 1hr 33 mins


Theo Chalmers On Edge Media TV
David Noakes 1/11 'Exposing The EU Dictatorship' Youtube TV video TruthViews Channel 1: These leaderships implement the EU's policy, and ignore the wishes of their voters. That's why your vote doesn't make a difference.

UK's Mysterious Watching Helicopter.
Clip  1 mins .

CIA Kevin Shipp
Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Governments
YouTube Video :
Part 1- full video. Expose' on the Shadow Government 1 hr

YouTube Video : Part 2 50 mins
YouTube Video : Part 3 1 hr

Pyramid Puppets
TheAdviseShow How the american quasi king's presidential system works There just BROUGHT PUPPETS controlled by the few 1%
These are highly sophisticated KILLERS. Donald Trump
: TheAdviseShow


Men in Black
Where do they come from
Firstly some people would have that they are a human hybrid who are keeping a Lid on Things on planet earth.

Ancient History of Alien Talking Heads
Past - Present - Future

Voice Hearing Phenomenon Rogerbining video15 mins YouTube NFO 2012/13

Hearing Voices.
"This is a very real phenomenon which is happening in your society ..."

Rogerbining 15 mins.

Secret INTELLIGENCE Targeted Individuals Dr. Katherine Horton

DR. KATHERINE HORTON YouTube Video Channel
Secret Service Crimes / Targeted Individuals


Basic Tactics of SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY VIDAR William Cole


Targeted Individuals speak to the Presidential Bioethics Committee.
YouTube Video Omnisense: 23 min's


Government Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall
YouTube Video Alex Jones Channel 38 mins


Human Talking Heads CIA ENGINEER DR. Robert Duncan & Tyrone Dew
CIA TALKING HEAD ENGINEER DR.ROBERT DUNCAN Targeted Individuals Directed Enery Weaponary Awarness.YouTube Video Tyrone Dew: 35 min's




 Gagging the internet
A fast-growing assortment of men and women around the world are using the Internet. started by a branch of the U.S.military for information transfer and exchange if ever we got taken over by a foreign power.
Gagging The Internet
  6 min's

 Stanley Meyers
Offered 1 billion pounds by Arabs to stop the build of a car powered just by hydrogen from your tap water, who refused - now killed his invention would of put earth's progress so far a head in the 21st century. No fuel bill cost ! and clean free fuel for industry video Google clip 17 min's

Water as Fuel
Water's oxygen hydrogen bonds can be broken in many ways resulting in high energy outputs that are stored in water. Since water contains an enormous amount of energy, the potentials are endless.
This video demonstrates a single method of
water bond breaking using radio frequency.
YouTube video Channel BrewedStrange 2:20 mins

TEDxTalks - Kevin Surace A Renaissance
The Coming End of Human Work
YouTube video A Renaissance - The coming End of Human Work 12mins
Charles Bukowski: The Slavery of the 9 to 5

YouTube video
Channel: The Slavery of the 9 to 5
The Art of Improvement chanel
4 mins

Thousands Of Robots Pack Groceries
New warehouse has thousands of robots zooming around a grid system to pack groceries. The thousands of robots can process 65,000 orders every week. They communicate on a 4G network to avoid bumping into each other.
YouTube video channel The Tech Insider 3:20 mins

Humanoid Robot with Artificial Intelligence
From Boston Dynamics.

YouTube video Channel BostonDynamics
30 secs

YouTube video Channel BostonDynamics
30 secs

YouTube video Channel BostonDynamics 1: min

Humanoid Robot
Bosstown Dynamics Training
Computer Animation.

YouTube video Corridor Bosstown Dynamics 3:30 min

Driverless Robot Cars
ALT Drive chauffeured.
YouTube video channel Eddy Adman
Driverless Car commercial (Autonomous Car Commercial).1:00 mins


Alternative Planet Habitats
Europe Aiming for International 'Moon Village'

YouTube video channel
European Space Agency, ESA 4 mins



Transgenic Life Forms

Is any species that has evolved to appear similar

( G M O ) Genetically Modified

According to the open mind. There's more to movie's than one might expect.
The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio
Youtube video channel signofthetimemedia
The Roots of The Matrix 02 - The Science Behind the Fiction Youtube video channel Specialfeatures

 Black Women - Sophia Stewart
The Real Author Of The Movie
Matrix & Terminator YouTube video

Project Camelot:
1hr: 45min

Alternative video ..Message board Warning Video 2 mins Morpheus Matrix Video 2 mins
Philip Dick Matrix 1977

Mars Bio weapon Species
Video 5:min's
Orions Bio weapon Terminator Video 5:min's
Replicant Bio'
Video 5:min's
Curse of the demon
4 min's

Cosmic Bio Body Snatchers Video 4: min's

FIEND without A FACE
Video 4: min's
Bio Apple Seed
4: min's
MEN In Black
4 min's
Cosmic Bio Body Snatchers
No violence in the
take-over of Humans
Miles and Becky
decide its time to check out from the cosmics
Replicant -Bio's
Off world colonization's of other planets
Pleide 7 Sisters

UK King David Cameron eyes appear like Alien looking Windows + David picture
Symbolic death star 2oo9 NewsNFO video 2: min's Earth's Bio weapon  

Alien Moon Base Discovered on the Darkside of the Moon
NASA Air Brushed Out UFO photographs
30 years on and hidden silence. Alien structures
more than half mile long ! Video NASAAirbrushedUFO2.wmv 04 min's
The moon is in synchronous rotation meaning that it keeps it's face
the same side towards the earth at all times the other side cannot be seen
is called the Dark Side of the Moon

ET Extraterrestrial Structures on the Darkside of the Moon
Sergeant Karl Wolfe, US Air Force

Karl Wolfe was in the Air Force for 4 and a half years beginning in January 1964. He had a top secret crypto clearance and worked with the tactical air command at Langley AFB in Virginia. While working at a NSA facility he was shown photographs taken by the Lunar Orbiter of the moon that showed detailed artificial structures. These photos were taken prior to the Apollo landing in 1969.! Youtube
video Channel Sirus Disclosures 23 mins

Nasa erased forty rolls of film of the Apollo program why? Bod Dean at Project Camelot. Because they showed what it ran into on the moon, they showed what they ran into on the way to the moon,
they showed what they ran into when they got there,
this has got to go wooooosh, we cant let this out.
NFO video clip Bob Dean showing
:Japans Nasa forgotton footage10 mins

Alien Moon Base

NewsNFO Alien Moon Base Video 4 min's

Alien Mining Presence on the darkside of the Moon Article
According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the Aliens have a base on the darkside of the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to " Get off and Stay off " the Moon! " Did you ever wonder why the Moon landings stopped "

Interesting Ducumentary Youtube NFO
The UFO Disclosure Now " The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon
Youtube NFO video 18 min's

Interesting 1970's Alternative III Science Report
An Anglian television production video channel clip 7 mins
Moon Landings
on the
Bright side

Moon Landings
on the
Dark side

The Dark Side

of the moon

Alien Research
Montana Sheriffs book
"Mystery Stalks the
Youtube video 2016

Interesting Phil Scheider NFO
Underground AlienCentres USA & Mexican Biological Basses
Geologist and Engineer Prepareds his Expo. Phil giving his last lectures before he was killed

1 mins highlights pt1 and pt4
Part1: 7 min's Part 2 : 6 min's Part 3: 10 min's Part 4: 10 min's
Phil Scheider Exposure NFO part: 1 to 4 video 1min
Alien agenda is the complete take over of this planet. The killing of 5/6 th to 7/8 th of the worlds population by the year 2029

William Cooper Exposure

Alien The Secret Government.

1- 25 pt flash Video Cut









M J 12 / THE JASON SOCIEY .....2:NSC National Security Council.........William Cooper

Interesting Disclosure Project NFO
Important Witness Testimony

13th Witness
Donna Hare
Nasa Employee

The apollo astronauts saw a craft on the moon
There are not allowed to talk about it
  video 3: min's
Sergent Karl Wolf US Air Force
1965 lunar orbitor discovered a base
on the Darkside of the moon.
video 2: min's
Disclosure Project 8th Witness
UFO shutting down military nuclear bases..
. video 4 min's
Sergent Clifford Stone
Catalogued 57 different species of alien . video 3: min's
Sergent Clifford E Stone USA Army
1969 recoved craft along with alien bodies. video 4:min's
17th Witness
1967 military pilot photographs at 12,000 ft of alien craft,
matches a alien military technology vehicle using zero point energy of solar waves , the basis of anti gravity propulsion.
video 6:min's

Boot-Legged Out USA Air Force Film 1994 Nellis UFO Craft NFO

1994 Nellis AFB. The video supposedly was bootlegged out by a high ranking military official ; who worked at the base. The object appears as an orb which makes remarkable movements and changes its shape. 
1994 Nellis UFO ORB AFB 2: min
HARD COPY News UFO Filmed by non other than the US Air Force 1995 NFO

Secret UFO images using the state of the arts
military radar tracking system which
raises new questions of the US Air force knowledge of UFO's...Like something out of "Star Trek"

YouTube video
Secret ORB UFO images 1: mins.

.NASA STS -75 Tether Incident - 1996 - UFO goes by NFO

12 miles long experimental electrical conducting cable called a Tether designed to collect electrons in the Earth ionosphere and magnetic fields to induce free electrical voltage. Like the Railways on Eath of pioneering mans travel in to deeper regions of space. video NASA STS TETHER 1:32 min's

Military Satellite N F O

Clementine Satellite
There is a HUGE alien moon base complex on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Data straight from The Military

In 1994, the US Navy sent a satellite called Clementine to the moon to image it for two months. During that time, the satellite took 1.8 million images. Out of those images, 170,000 images were made available to the public. The rest were Classified moon craters.

Within the 170,000 images available, there are many obviously censored images of incredibly massive artificial structures, structures often MILES in width and height.
The sheer size of these structures..

This is the biggest discovery in history. certain military and government agencies have known for decades the Alien Moon Base has been up there in various forms for possibly
Tens Of Thousands Of Years

Interesting Joseph.P.Skipper Reaseach NASA Anomaly
Air Brushed tampered Moon images NASA NFO

Moon, Tower s   Moon Blocks  
Anomaly worm marks or sand dune ripples by martian the wind?
anomaly worm markings?
Mar's cairn pile of stones similarities - Earth's man-made pile of stones


Mars cairns similarities NFOSource Dark Breed
Earths Cairns.
Cairn is a man-made pile of stones and are found all over the world.
Cairns are often
erected as landmarks since ancient times. Since prehistory they have also been built as monuments, ceremonial, astronomical and other purposes. NFOSource Cairn Wiki



Mars mushrooms Mars man like anomaly Star wars sand man similarity
Mars like Mushroom NASA PIA10216 spirit explorer robot. Gusev crater, valley panorama. The over looked photo appears to show a man sitting on rock arms streatched out like fishing. Behide him believed by scientist to be the bed of a ancient lake. PIA10216 NFOSource NASA PIA10216 



video 5 min's
video 2: mins

STS -48 WORM UFO NFO video 2: mins
NFO Source


Last Apollo Moon Mission
Astronaut Jack Schmitt posed photograph on the moon with his visor up his face similarity to image of the Space Jockey from movie "Alien" with a long nose
but some state there was a third astronaut on the moon? NFOSource

Did NASA make a an agreement to stay off the MOON for longer than 50 years as long it can take a "Alien" photo NASA AS17-134-20471 as a deal?

NASA Apollo 10. Astronauts heard music on the dark side of the moon 1969.
2:50 mins
During this period of time they were cut off from all communication with Mission Control in Houston. A "black box" flight data recorder while out of contact behind the Moon it recorded data from the Lunar Module on an internal four-track tape.

NASA has never made these audio recording available to the public.However transcript of this far side crew from the tapes are available in the NASA archives.

Astronaunt: Eugene Cernan "That sure is weird music".
Astronaunt: John Young "Were going to have to find out about that.Nobody will believe us".
Astronaunt: Eugene Cernan "Yes. It's a whistling, you know, like an outer-space-type thing?"
YouTube video NASA Apollo 10 2: mins.
Astronaunt Eugene Cernan : "...You hear That whistling Sound?..."
People say there's more to films and tv programmes.
Clangers was a popular British stop-motion animated kids short stories about long nose like being's who live on a planet, but not intended to be the Moon.
They spea
k in whistles and feed from the Dragon. The programmes was broadcast by the BBC from 1969.
THE Clangers 4: mins.

Reality of Nuclear Space Travel Stanton Friedman.
To the Reticulum constellation
where human abductions are taken?
and the
home of the Film Alien on Moon LV426.
YouTube 2013 video cut 20 mins

Reticulum is a constellation beneath earths feet in the southern sky 39.4 light years. Its name is Latin for a small net. 1 light year = 1000,000,000 miles away.

Light year Space Travel can be acheived today
by Nuclear Power Staton Freidman States:
"If where willing to spend the £ money or $ dough
YouTube video Cut Stantion Friedman Reality of Nuclear Space travel 20 min

: England to America = 3000 miles. The suprised retired 1970's concorde passenger jet went 1000 miles per hour taking 3 hours
NASA chemical rockets after leaving Earth have to drift to there destination
and back in the vast sea of space like a throw out drifting "Milk Bottle" on the sea's


Long head Alien from the REAL SCI-FI Movie"Alien" from the Reticulum constellation on Moon LV426


Kerry Cassidy interveiws scholar Jordan Maxwell Interesting Exposure 2 0 0 9

Kerry Cassidy video Clip 16: mins." Scholar & Historian Jordan Maxwell 2017 Kerry Cassidy Youtube TV video clip 15: mins." 

The World Bank & Corruption
Project Camelot: Kerry Cassidy INTERVIEW WITH Whistle Blower KAREN HUDES -
TV video
ProjectCamelot Channel 1hr:56 mins

KAREN HUDES on Vatican Priest Hood Control

Karen Hudes Exposes Secret Priest-Hood Orders
TV video cut : 3 mins

Interesting Bob Dean Disclosure NFO part 1: A- E video
U S A F Sergent Major Bod Dean Revealing Highest Top Secret N A T O Document
Kerry Cassidy Interview 2007

Full interview partt1 59:42 hr
A : 4: min's B: 4: min's C: 4: min's D: 3: min's

E: 4: min's      

Project Camelot production Sept 2009
Bod Dean Exposure

The apollo Astronauts snap pictures of an craft object encountered on the
way to the moon which is five miles long ! Apparently it puts its air craft out and brings them back . video 10: min's

Saturn pt:2.
Nasa sent voyager to the rings of Saturn to take photos in the 198
Nasa found In the " B " ring of Saturn a artificial control construction ! self luminous !
under intelligent control ! moving around in the rings of Saturn ! It is larger than are moon ! Nasa found In the " A " ring of Saturn another object of artificial construction 2000 miles long ! video 7: mins
Mars pt:3.
Russia sent a mission to Mars called Phobos 2 in 1988. One of the pictures they took of Mars found city the size of Chicargo under the surface of Mars generating an enourmous amount of heat, photo taken in infa red. video 11: min's

European Exopolitics Summit Barcelona
25 July 2009 You
Tube 2010

Interesting NFO
BobDean's Expo presentation.

Mars Facility.
A launced space vechicle on the survace of mars -
took a pictures of a facility on the surface of mars.
Video 16 :min's



The Study.
They concluded in 1946 that the planet Earth and the
human race
had been under some kind of survey or observation going on for hundreds if not thousands of years.

They concluded in 1964 that there were at least four different groups coming here, observing us, surveying us, analyzing us, closely watching us, what we were up to what we were doing
4: mins


NASA Observer Telescope AIA 171. Huge electro magnetic space vehicles (EMVs) collecting energy from the Sun - March 2012-
video clip 2 mins

Huge electro magnetic space vehicles (EMVs)
collecting energy from the Sun - March 2012-
video Huge electro magnet space vechilles EMV's 2 mins

NFO Source
SDO: The Solar Dynamics Observatory is launched for NASA's Living With a Star. NASA Telescope AIA 171.

Kerry Cassidy interview video cuts 2012
Norman Bergrun Ringmakers of Saturn video Clip 30 mins youtube.

Norman Bergrun. These intelligent controlled Ring Makers, Electro Magnetic Vehicles, which are larger than are Moon they go into the Sun and said to be powering themselves up and go back into the plasma rings of Saturn.

These EMv's go to the Sun to get plasma to make planet rings.
Today Uranus and Jupiter are getting rings where there were none before and where you find these rings, EMVs are present.
YouTube video Norman Bergrun Ringmakers of saturn 30 mins.

Land of the Gaints - NASA Observer star telescope AIA 171 NFOsource 2012
YouTube 2015 video clip 6 mins
These intelligent controlled Electro Magnetic Vehicles are HUGE there the size of Jupitor or Saturn which are 11 and 10 times the size of Earth!
They seem to be powering themselves up and collecting plasma from the Sun.

Norman Bergrun
states EMV's the size of are moon are making plasma rings around Saturn and now other planets are starting to show plasma rings where there were none before in our solar system.
video Land of the Gaints - NASA Observer telescope AIA 171 . 6 mins

NFOSource NSA SDO: Solar Dynamics Observatory is launched for NASA's Living with a Star. NASA Telescope. AIA 171





Alternative News and History